Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Being A Dork Comes Naturally To Me

I would just like to say that I have an addictive personality. I always have.
First recollection of acknowledging I had a problem: The Babysitters Club. Yes, my ambition was to own every volume of those celebrated literary works, and to somehow win the prize of flying to New York City to meet Ann M. Martin. My brother-in-law Steve N. informed me a couple of years ago that those are formula books written by several authors. I know that is a vicious lie!
Then came The Beatles. Go ahead, just ask me a factoid. And I want you to know, there is not one situation in life that a Beatles song can not be applied to, I am here to testify to that fact. I was so in love with George, I mean, a 40 year age difference is so very trivial where love is involved.
Drama. Still feel pretty passionate about it.
My favorite wish-he-was-my-twin-brother Brad and I saw "The Phantom Menace" 9 (or maybe 11, I will have to refer to my journal) times in the theaters between our sophomore and junior years of high school.
And infamously; NSync. Yes, I hold my head up high when reminded of my teenage bedroom walls. just because it was covered in pictures of Lance Bass, I mean, come on ... how was I to know he was playing for the other team? Unfortunately for my teenage self, but to the great amusement of my husband and family, I was oblivious to what side of the team almost ALL my teenage crushes were playing on. But that's another story. And yes, I really really loved NSync.
But I still suffer symptoms of addiction, most notably the last year and a half as a Twilight fan. I am here to say that I really, really love Twilight, and I was not dissapointed in the movie. Oh, no. How could I be when it meant staring at Edward for two hours? I ask you. So it is with great joy that i read today on stepheniemeyer.com that the actor playing Jacob will still be Jacob in New Moon. That made me happy. And dangit, I am ready for some happiness on a purely trivial level!!! So I wanted to share this happiness with any of you who might also have a Twilight problem. And for those of you who are Twilight-free, I did insert the disclaimer about being both a dork and an addict. And why are you not reading Twilight?!?
Tonight for Young Women's we are singing at a rest home. And the Beehives are in charge and not me, so HOOORAH! How come that always seem scary to young folk and I admit, even to older but not mature folk such as myself? As I told one of my girls on Sunday, if we're lucky, we're all gonna be old someday. And we're gonna want jittery young people to come and sing to us the classics from our day! In 60 years could the old classics be... NSync? (See how I tied that in there)? Anyhow, I do realize I am now talking about nothing, but I'm enjoying the visit.
I love you all.
Good day. I said, Good day! (For all you Fez fan's out there.)

*I did want to say thank you so much to all of you for your kind words to me about my special Granny. Her funeral was very nice and we drank lots of coke! Thanks for your friendship and support.*


Tamari said...

GET. OUT. I LOVE GEORGE TOO!! I knew there was a kindred, deep rooted reason why I love you so much! I listen to the Beatles almost daily and my brilliant son, Chester, is following in my shoes as a fan of the best rock/pop group of all time!

Alas, I am a Twilight virgin. I have family pulling me every which way to get me to read, but having an addictive dorkish soul myself, I just can't give in...I can't! Not yet any way. I have this little rebellious streak in me that fights against what is "popular at the moment". I think once all the hype dies down and the dust settles I will open the book and fall into Edwards arms...(don't tell Roger I ever said that)

Ducksoup said...

reeser--you totally and completely crack me up. thanks for the laugh. i love you having a blog. it brings great joy to my life to read your thoughts. thanks for the entertainment and please post as much as possible because laughter is the best medicine :). love you FC!

Tamari said...

I am TOTALLY serious about putting together a fireside this year for the youth. And would LOVE to present it to your ward.

Since I am just brainstorming at the moment, do you have any inspiration on what topic your girls need to hear or learn about? I know I want to do one on gaining a testimony, I have done one before on the power of music. But seriously if there is a topic that your group needs I would love to develope something for them and of course I could use it for other groups.

Also let's set a date, that will help me really get started! Should we say spring time? Let me know!! :)

Simmons Family said...

I love the Twilight series too!!! Too bad about the movie, but Jacob is hot! It is sad the books are over with. I want the adventure to continue, but oh well. I will just have to keep reading the other books over and over again. Anway, you should post some pictures of your kids so I can see them.

Emily said...

MARIE!! You are AWESOME!!! I absolutely adore you!! I think you have such a great talent at writing and I do hope you become addicted to blogging because I just love reading what you write!! I miss you so so much! It's been WAY WAY WAY too long since I have had the pleasure of being in your company!! We've GOT to get together this summer if we can!!

TeamDall said...

Okay, I have several things to say. 1. I'm glad that Jacob will still be Jacot. 2. I also LOVED The Babysitters Club books and hope that Steve is wrong, though I'm sure he is not. 3. You are a very fun YW leader, we are really boring in our ward. 4. What are you making for dinner? It's 4:37 and I'm at a loss.

Hope to see you soon! Come up and stay with us and go to a Jazz game:)

katie said...

I got a good laugh out of this! i liked nsync too......it brings back soo many memories! As you know I am a big twilight fan and I loved the movie!I miss you tons and am so glad you started a blog!!! We really need to get together some time! Your kids are getting so big! I am so glad I get to check up on ya!