Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Few Pictures for the Nervous Blogger

These are our most recent pictures. They are from last weekend when we celebrated the life of the greatest of all Granny's! I share them now with you, free of charge (donations appreciated).

This is a classic. A classic I don't know how to flip, so tilt your head to the left. Miss Olivia after what may have been the most exhausting day of her life! But she was sooo good. She zonked leaning against her favorite person, and the greatest pillar ever, Daddy. Notice the puffed rice ball, binky she is too old for, and princess jacket she can not live without. Is it because I'm her mother I find her so darn adorable? Go Olivia!

Here is a great shot of what it would be like if you were a part of my family. My beautiful Brazilian sister-in-law Silvia, F.B.C. (cousin) Paul giving The Double B a high five 'cause they think they are cool and hilarious, The total hottie I'm married to, and Olivia being super concerned about whether or not Uncle Nick is really going to abuse and/or contaminate her precious binky. Nick is my super-cool little brother. I really like him a lot.

K.J. and my cute niece (and his best friend) Miss Adelah. They have the greatest time together. Here they are as Diego and Dora. I think the animal-rescuer resemblence is obvious.

Myself with the babealicious Double B. I really like the Double B. He's way up there on my list. This is us at my Granny's. It will always be a happy place to me!!!

I dedicate these pictures to the greatest of all cousins, and my personal very favorite -- Mary Dawn. D. Dawn, without your careful training, this posting would have never been possible. Blogging forever.


Tamari said...

Kay, it has been way too long since we got together because I was picturing Olivia as still a babe in arms!! Where have I been? "No Man's Land", thats where and I intend to remedy that by planning a dinner with our two families ASAP!! Although it will have to be at your house because mine is torn a part at the moment so I am planning a dinner at your house name the date and time! :) (Sundays are good!)

Ducksoup said...

reese head you are hilarious! i love you. blogging forever :) you are too funny! please post daily from now on or hourly would be good.

Megan said...

Great job on posting the pictures. I love seeing you guys. It actually made me miss that little brother of mine as I sit here when I should be in bed. (Probably shouldn't tell him b/c he doesn't really need any more ego)! Love you guys.

The Farnsworths said...

Absolutely adorable pictures! I love the Burdettes and Allreds! What a great family you have! We sure are going to miss you when we move. But it's still a while before that happens, so we won't think about it too much right now, k!:)

Kamille said...

Is that pic of you and Ben recent? Your hair is getting long again and you look EXTREMELY thin. Lucky you. I got thin just in time to have Sadie. Well, you can't win them all, right? I'll work it back off. It just won't be right away. Thanks for thinking I'm more than I am. I love having kind friends!

Emily said...

No! It is not just because you are her mother....she (and K.J.) are absolutely adorable!!! So is Adelah! You are beautiful!! I so want to see you guys!!! I miss you!! Thanks for posting pictures!!!