Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is This A Confessional?

Today I was in church meetings from 7 until 1:30. That's right, people -- 6 and a half hours straight! I'm pretty sure that I win a reward.

This is my second draft of this particular post, 'cause the first draft was full of confessions about being driven insane by this minor that drives me insane. And then I thought -- wait. I have fooled these people into liking me! I will not tell them about wishing that I could tie up and gag the afore mentioned minor! No -- that would be wrong!

So I will not tell you about how I wish(ed) I could do that. I won't even mention it! I will not make you carry the burden of my sins.

I have no good reason to wax philosophical today. I just feel like visiting. And I wish you would all update your blogs. I like reading them, dangit!

Much love to you ... MaRetard.


Kamille said...

I'll leave you some love Marie! I'll be posting some pictures a little later. Right now, Sadie is asleep and my 8 year old will watch her so I can go to the grocery store with only two children. Hooray! Watch for my update later, okay?

Emily said...

no one can top your if you don't get that reward for staying at church meetings for 6 hours, I will gladly give you a "MOST AWESOME BLOG" reward!! I LOVE your blogs!! You are amazing!!! Love right back at you!!

~EmiLoser! :-)