Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just Singin' ... And Dancin' ... In The Rain

So on Thursday night I took my mom to see Singin' in the Rain at St. George Musical Theater. It's the most cheerful I have felt in a month! It did exactly what I think theater should do -- it took me out of my life and into the land of make-believe for a few hours. It was very nice, and I liked that particular land of make-believe!
And I must say, the singing was beautiful but the tap dancing was PHENOMENAL! It was hard not to climb over the people in front of me and jump on stage with them. sigh. To tap dance ... that would be so fun. Anyhow, I bow down to the talent of those Dunbar people. I was green with talent envy. Absolutely green.
It was really fun for me. And in a freak of nature twist, it is RAINING right now! And has been for three days! So I am particularly happy I saw the show, because now when the rain makes me feel "blah" I just sing softly "Singin' in the Rain ... just singing in the rain!" and yes I do it in public if I have to. I have no qualms about that. And if I had the skills, I'd go do a mad dance out in the puddles, too! Ah, the power of the theater.
So, go ahead. Sing and dance in the rain. I'm doing it over here in my corner.


Ducksoup said...

have i ever, ever told you how much i love your posts. they make my day. no rain here today--but reading your post was enough to make me happy. braden is sitting in his high chair eating lunch and he had to stand up and dance to singing in the rain. it was really cute. i may have to post it for you! have a good one. enjoy that rain!!
p.s. oh, and i found my camera charger so there could be some major posting going on.

Tara said...

I love to read your posts. I'm glad that you update so often. It makes my day. In answer to your question. No I don't live in Salt Lake either. We are in Lubbock, TX for at least one more year. I have a link that shows me where people come from and it keeps showing someone coming from your blogspot from Salt Lake so I was curious if you had moved. Have a great day.

Kamille said...

I really appreciate your margin with President Uchtdorf's quote. It's like bearing your testimony without pomp and circumstance. One more reason I love Miss Marie.

Ducksoup said...

reesehead, i've been hoping you'd post all day but no luck. please, post away! i need something to laugh at or smile at or to just make me think man life is good. so i have updated my blog but you just need to scroll down because i am notorious for changing my dates to whatever date it actually happened and not the post date. so, there you go! have a good one.

Ducksoup said...

oh and also i did invite your mom to view my blog but i don't think she has. however, i should tell her that the invitation came from somone named ducksoup--so if you can pass that along that would be great. anyway, just didn't want you to think i hadn't invited her :)