Monday, January 26, 2009

Livi's New Haircut

Instead of paying $15 to get Olivia's hair trimmed, I decided to go wild and have a go at it myself. She was really good and thought she looked very beautiful! She loves to have it blow-dryed and styled in the mirror, so that's handy. I think she looks pretty cute, myself. The Double B loves it, but I thought he was going to cry sitting through dinner when he got home! He just kept saying how much older it makes her look. What I like is that this is a cut my granny would LOVE. She was a great believer in the little pageboy look. I'm just thrilled my daughter didn't inherit my seriously huge forehead, so bangs are optional for her. Ah, it's the little mercies, isn't it. Dang that binky!


Ducksoup said...

this picture is sooooooo cute. her hair does look adorable and i must say granny would approve! you did an awesome job. wow! i can't believe you did that. i don't even dare trim braden's and he's a boy so their allowed to have funny looking hair. don't yah think! she does look older. it's funny how a haircut always does that...maybe even on adults because i just may have become a decade older with my haircut. who knows really? well have a great night. please post again real soon because i love a glimpse into the burdette world. and also i wish winter would banish. it was one degree here today and oh so cold and our saturn broke down and so my husband was stranded....well that's another story maybe i'll even post some about. i mean the saturn breaking down is actually a historical day :)

The Farnsworths said...

Her haircut is just darling! You did a great job, just as good as what $15 would have cost you.:) Ben is right, it makes her look so much older. Oh how the years go by!

How are you doing, my friend?? I'm sorry that you have to miss your grandma so much...all I can say is that it gets better as time goes by, but not to say there won't be hard days. I'm a listening ear if you ever need one! I sure love you!

Thanks for posting all those cute pictures! Your kids are so adorable!

Emily said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! Can you cut my kids' hair? And while you're at it, will you cut mine?? hee hee. I am glad you had a good time at Singin' in the Rain and it made you feel somewhat better. I love singing that song when it rains It does make you feel a bit lighter. Your kids are ADORABLE!!! LOVE the Diego costume!