Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Martin's Day

I just have to tell two happy little stories. Bragging rights, if you will.

Yesterday was a little insane. Drive to St. George, use my brain (that hurts), back home, prepare food for activity, drive to St. George, pick up husband, drive home, run activity errands for the next hour. It was sort of like ... well, let's just say Martin Luther King would be proud that I was the very best errand runner I could be.

However, that has absolutely nothing to do with the point. Back to my two happy little stories.

While I was typing things up for said activity I heard Olivia scream "KAJE!" (K.J.'s little abbreviation). I turned my head and could see her leaning up against him in front of my bed while the television raised them. He looked down at her and she screamed at the very top of her lungs "I LOVE YOU!" and smiled. I smiled. K.J. beams and says "Mommy, Olivia loves me!" And then she gave him a great big wet kiss right on the eye. It was so precious. It basically made my life. And his. They really love each other.

Then that night Daddy was giving the F.H.E. lesson (yep, that's right) about tithing. He'd put ten pennies on a cookie sheet and asked "K.J., do you know what tithing is?" K.J. says "Uh huh, Grandma Allred's snowman." Ben and I looked at each other and asked the obvious question ... "What?"
"You know, Good tithings we bring to you and your kin! Good tithings for Christmas, and a happy New Year!"
I just couldn't help but laugh. I love their little minds.

Happy inaugaration to you all. Let's hope!


Tara said...

Those were some great stories. Thanks for sharing. It always is great to see your kids love each other and to see how their minds work.

RoseAnna said...

How nice to have a confirmation that your children love each other. I often wonder about my own. I hope someday to have some sort of confirmation. Love the stories and I love you. You are so funny. You will definately be invited to our next party!! Love ya!

The Farnsworths said...

Thanks for letting me chuckle by sharing those adorable stories! I didn't know Olivia could scream. That is just too precious for words! KJ is so funny! I miss having him in my class. I hope tomorrow isn't so crazy, so you can rest for a minute! Take care, my friend!

Tamari said...

Love the little ones!! They teach us so much and there is nothing like seeing your children show outward affection towards each other!! Thanks for sharing, I am smiling! :)

Ducksoup said...

reeser it is official--you have the coolest blog on the planet so that means you are the coolest blogger ever. could you please move next door to me and take over my blog or maybe move in with me so you can be here for the happenings so you can type awesome stories. you need to be a professional writer. and i loved the story about olivia telling k.j. she loved him--so cute. love you!

Emily said...

awwww very sweet!! Such cute stories. I hope you keep a journal of things they say and do! And don't forget to date them!! I just love kids!