Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today: Sunny With Chance Of Showers

I had to add this picture of princess Olivia! She is becoming princess obsessed, and I really am having fun with it. She was prancing around and came up to me and said "Momma, cheese!" and clicked her tongue. So obviously, she knows when she's beautiful enough for a picture! Notice the upside-down binkie. There's really no explanation for that, it's just how she likes 'em. Notice the popped leg. This girl is ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Today we had a picnic in our torn-up backyard so we could spend some quality time with Daddy!Nothing like fry sauce to bring out the happy in Livi.

K.J. with his kiddie cone and the "precious dirt cake." I know, just go with it.

Adorable. "Cheese!"

The two workers takin' a little ice cream break.

And yes, the picnic was as fun as it looked! I am so blessed to have my happy family. I love them. And now I will talk like the illogical female I am. And I know you'll listen, because you are likewise female (I think, or you at least know one) and you'll get the drift.

Today I miss my Granny. Today I feel sad. Not outwardly and with no core, just kindof sad inside, you know that feeling? I also must wax philosophical about the way people treat each other and the way I treat others and how that will affect my children. I think I need more Vitamin D. I spent the whole day outside with my wonderful neighbors and my great husband, so the cure must be on the way. My skin does still kinda feel warm, and I've been inside for about an hour! Ben and I had a good visit. Don't you love it when it's just a peaceful conversation and you actually have something to talk about and there's even support? I love those times. He even made me feel safe enough to cry and we talked honestly. It felt very cleansing. We even debated Shakespearean names! We might be stuck with two children because we could seriously never agree on a name for another child. So really, as I write this I'm realizing ... I actually had a very nice day. And honestly, I think I'm just stressed and am suffering from PreMenstrual Syndrome, also known as P.M.S. (You may have heard about it. It's a diagnosed medical condition). It always has some sort of demented effect on me. I really do miss my Granny a lot, though, and that is completely unrelated to P.M.S. That is related to the circle of life, as the crazy monkey would say. I just wish I could say "Hi, Grandma!" and give her a kiss, the way I do every time I see her. Ah, well. I'm still glad she's with my Grandpa and doesn't have to deal with the broo-ha-ha down here. Anyway, thanks for listening, I'm feeling better already.

I'm starting to like the band Coldplay more and more, how about you? Right now Olivia is rocking out to Muse, which shows she has some good taste in music. Sometimes a little electric guitar is all you need!

Anyhow, I'm feeling like I spilled my guts out all over in here. But oh well. It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to! That's really all I have to say, other then I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a frozen hot chocolate. And you know what? I know this will be unpopular among my thespian friends, but I never really have enjoyed "the drowning man" by Neil Simon. That scene just annoys the poop out of me. I love Neil (who doesn't); but really.
Congratulations to my friend Tara, who had a brand new baby boy! He's adorable! Yay for new babies!


Tamari said...

I am sorry you have that sad feeling today and that you are missing your Granny. *hug* It is comforting to know you have a husband who could be there for you on this day and two children who just could not look any happier or cuter! You are a blessed woman, but that doesn't mean you can't be sad once in a while. I am still planning on that dinner at your house. :) I will have a date for you shortly. Have a nice night and enjoy the frozen hot chocolate! Oh, and Coldplay Rocks!! :)

Tara said...

I loved the pictures of the picnic. Kaylise loves fry sauce too. It's great stuff. I really enjoy listening to your stories. I feel for you at this time. I know it's hard to lose a family member. I'm glad you had a nice day. Hope you have another great day today.

Kamille said...

That must have been cathartic. Now that I'm back at work, I'm finding myself purging myself to my work friends. I bet they think I talk too much. Like I talk too much. I mean really. Just because I have so much to say. I am just a contributor. That's really all that it is. I want to make a contribution. Some people contribute through the stage (awesome you) or through music (awesome Coldplay) or through being wordy (awesome me!). I really just think that it's all about who we are and what fits our lives. Because it is our lives--or My life, if you will. It's now or never. I don't want to live forever. I just want to live my life. Life is precious. It's only a small moment. We have to make sure that every moment counts. Like your granny did. And like you do with your kids in the back yard. Right?

Okay, I was really just trying to make the point that I talk too much. I appreciate your post. xoxoxoxo

Ducksoup said...

sorry reese you are missing granny. dangit, why is death apart of this life. i came back to michigan last night and it's crazy sitting here having to remind myself you can't call granny. oh well, what do yah do :). the pic of olivia princess posing is too cute. and what are you doing to your backyard! i need more details. well you are the coolest ever. your blog looks awesome and you even have music! i am impressed. and as for my lack of blog posting my camera is dead and i have no idea where my battery is to charge it so i can download pics and make a post. hmmm, i need to work on the problem. well you are the coolest ever. i love reading your well written thoughts.
p.s. you have such adorable kids. i can't get over how grown up k.j. looks.

Ducksoup said...

by the way the song, i just called to say i love you totally makes me laugh. it reminds me of my elementary school days and it makes me smile everytime i hear it on you blog. so speaking of dust though i have to tell you how dusty my house is. yesterday i thought, wow look at all that dust. when was the last time i dusted? that is the question of the day. to be honest, i have no idea. maybe i'll dust and tell you how it went though! well you are the coolest ever and i'm so glad you are such a good commentor because without your comments my blog would have about zero! love you oodles and think you are the coolest FC ever!!

Tara said...

Are you guys in Salt Lake area now? Just curious.

TeamDall said...

Good lookin' kids:)