Sunday, February 22, 2009

In No Particular Order

Saturday the young men and women were supposed to go on a snowmobile activity. the priests went friday night to get ready. at 11:30 that night the young men's president and bishop call me to let me know there has been terrible accident on the mountain involving one of the youth and a tree, involving severe brain injury and a ruptured kidney, and they don't know if the young man involved is going to live. what?! you should have heard the horror in their voices. saturday morning i go to the church to cancel the activity. i am told the doctors at primary children's told the boys family he would not make it. you can imagine. i send the youth home. the ward fasts and prays. i go to sacrament meeting and this morning the doctors told the family they were hopeful; when yesturday they would have given him zero perfect chance at survival. the swelling in his brain is going down. he squoze his fathers hand. during young womens the bishop brought the young men in and we spent the hour talking and counseling together. ugh. really, there are no words. i'm just so thankful it was a small group and not all of the youth up there. also, i believe in miracles. the spirit let me know i need to bring hope back into my life.
then. i get home from sacrament meeting and olivia -- who has had a fever off and on the last few days and stayed home from church with her daddy -- was laying sleepily on the bed with a fever of one hundred and five degrees. scary! agh! we call the nurse practioner hotline. they tell us to take her to the emergency room or any open instacare. i put her in the bath, trying to cool her down again, while her dad gets the neighbor to help give her a blessing. when we got to the instacare her fever was down to 1o2.7. she threw up in the waiting room -- on her dad -- nice shot. we wait for 5 hours. the doctors are confused, her symptoms are inconclusive for such a high fever. finally, they get a good look at her throat. it has blisters in it. she has hand, foot, and mouth virus (in whatever order that goes). we are told to concentrate on keeping her fever down and fluid in her body and she'll be better in a few days.
also i have sadly learned there are really crappy people in the world. but they won't make me one of them!!
sigh. let's all have a cup of herbal tea, if i could get it down. okay. hot chocolate. sounds good. funner stuff tomorrow!


Ducksoup said...

wow reeser. you sure have me counting my blessings tonight. that snowmobile thing is awful. and i think i know what you're referring to with the crappy people in the world and it's just too bad things have to be the way they are. i don't understand but people are people and we were all given our free agency so what can we do except do just what you said and not be crappy ourselves :). so sorry to hear about olivia. my goodness, that is quite the not fun day you've been having. i hope she gets better really soon. i'm thinking of you in michigan!

katie said...

I hope that boy gets better! Miracles happen every day, especially through faith and the priestood! I also hope your little baby gets better! It is so scarry when they are sick! Your a great person!!

Tamari said...

What a weekend! My thoughts and prayers are with your little girl that is a scary thing. And I hope that boy in the accident pulls out okay, the Lord's will be done. It is hard when you love your children so much, things like the accident really scare me. I guess the Lord won't give us anything we can't handle. I had a friend who's little girl had a heart condition and we asked her how she was getting through everything. She said,"You just do, you have to." I guess when things are out of your control you just keep the best attitude you can and rely on the Lord.