Friday, February 20, 2009

Pretty Darn Proud

This is my family in 1978, 5 years before I was born. I love this picture. It just speaks family to me. These are the people who helped my parents shape and mold my life and gave me the wonderful values I hold sacred. I want you to get to know them, too.
Back row: Uncle Dennis, my Adorable Dad and Mom, pregnant with my oldest brother, Uncle Craig and Aunt Mary Lou, Aunt Pat, Uncle Jim, Uncle Fred.
Front Row: Aunt Jan, Grandpa K.J., Grandma Iona, Aunt Bunny.
I love my Aunts and Uncles! Some are closer to me then others, but I appreciate them all. I appreciate knowing there are always a few good women and men who love me like I was their own and would do anything for me. And of course, I think my parents are downright precious here, when I was only a radical twinkle in their eyes. I'm thankful for a legacy of love created for me by my grandparents, a legacy that I will live all my life and pass on to my children.


Ducksoup said...

another awesome song to go with the blog. you sure are good at that! well i couldn't help but think when i looked at the picture of grandma and grandpa how cool it is that they are together again! woo hoo for them. they lived a good what more could you want. this picture is too funny though. your dad looks just like nick to me. and of course the tree is flocked white :) thanks for sharing such a fun pic.

katie said...

I love that picture! It is fun to look back on you parents and see what they were like!

Kamille said...

you are far too clever for your own good (your great american novel). I would love to post the definition of the word verification, but I can't since it's not showing at present.

Tamari said...

I LOVE vintage pictures! How cool to have this and see your parents so young, just starting their life together. Some of my favorite pictures are of my ancestors, or even people I don't know, on vacation. Europe, the shore, Coney Island, where ever they are I am just fascinated with those pictures. I think they catch people at their most relaxed and 'real' state. They all seem so happy, most of the time vacations make people happy...I don't know...just can't get enough of pictures like that. Thanks for sharing this AND I look forward to that novel of yours! :)

Emily said...

Love this picture!Funny, though...When I first saw it, I thought that was Matt there in the back but then realized who I was really looking at. So cute to think of your mom pregnant with her first not knowing her life would become what it has! I am grateful to have had the pleasure to know all of you! What a beautiful family! And now look....all grown up. *sniff sniff*