Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Webster's Dictionary

Sometimes when I don't have anything better to do (or pretend that I don't have anything better to do, more like) I go to all of your blogs and then visit the other blogs on your list. Is this snooping? Maybe. But I enjoy it, and I'm not going to lie about that. Sometimes I will eventually recognize the person as someone I know. Mostly, I just enjoy getting to know the other people you know and love. Some of the people are really hilarious. Some are mentally ill, like me. Most leave me with a little smile on my face. You know how Brigham Young said that in the spirit world we are going to be able to visit any point in history -- traveling like a bolt of lightning -- to observe that time and place? I'm going to have to spend forever there, because I'm just so dang curious about other people. I was reading Jenny's blog the other day (she is destined to be a famous blogger, go visit it) and she was talking about making up life stories for the people driving by. I do that all the time. Sitting at a stop light I kind of have to force myself not to think about it, because I just feel obsessed sometimes to know what that other persons life is like. I always hope it's a happy life, but sometimes I know it's not. Sometimes I see someone crying as they drive. That always hurts me. I wish I could go and climb in the car with them and let them know they are not alone. Sometimes I see someone singing at the top of their lungs and tapping their hand or head. I love that! I like to sing to the music, too, and so do my kids. Sometimes I see people picking their nose. Sometimes I see people in love, sitting as close as possible in the cab of their cowboy truck. Sometimes I see couples who have been together forever and they're not talking, just staring out the window. I see frazzled mothers, old people who really should not be driving, smokers, arguers, cellphone talkers (who's on the other line?), and many others. I wish I could visit all of their lives, maybe watch all of it and see all their triumphs and failures. But I would always come back to mine. I'm aware that I'm comfortable here, and I definately know I don't want to see some of what I would see. Anyhow, I think that is why I love to study both history and acting. I just love people, and I am so interested in what makes them tick. I am positive there must be a way for us to master ourselves, but I kind of like our faults and eccentricities, too. Anyhow, I'm off on a serious tangent here. Back to snooping on other people's blog. You know the little password you have to type everytime you want to comment on someone's post? One of your mystery bloggers had decided to define that word on the bottom of every comment they leave, and invited everyone to do the same when they leave a comment. I just thought that was so hilarious. So I'm stealing it, and from now on will make up a definition to every made up word I have to type in. You may also steal that nice person's idea, if you want. I have always prided myself on being able to make up a fairly accurate definition of any word I didn't know the definition to, earning me the nickname "Dic" (for dictionary) from my friend Shawna. She is also an excellent wordsmith, and can always find another descriptive word that means the same thing, earning her the nickname "Thor," for Thesaurus. Unfortunately, together we make up "Thor Dic." Think about that one for a minute, and then stop thinking about it!


Ducksoup said...

you are too funny! i loved this post and hearing what you had to say about wondering about other people's lives. you are such a deep thinker and it was really sweet what you had to say. i would love it if someone climbed in my car if they saw me crying:) i love how you openly admit you check out blogs of people you don't even know because i do it all the time! who doesn't? everyone does it but you are the only brave soul out there to let the world know you do. so awesome. and i think i'm going to have to make it so when you leave a comment on my blog you have to type in the password. i think i made it so you don't have to but since you are pretty much the only person that actually comments i should make it fitting to your needs. and that sounds like a pretty important game.

and i love your new layout. and i love your new sidebar of why it's cool to be a burdette. way to have the coolest blog on the planet!

and guess what your birthday is next month so that's another thing to be happy about.

love yah,

Ducksoup said...

i just saw your definition on trina's blog and i started laughing really loud. ryan is sitting on the couch watching tv and just said, "wow". yup, but it was really funny and if he only got to be as entertained as i just was. now i'm going to have to start checking your blog list friends comments to see what kind of good definitions you come up with. you are toooooooooooo funny! ben is married to the funniest (is that a word or not) woman alive.

kip said...

Marie if my neighbor called me "dic" I would be offended not flattered!

Tamari said...

I just got done thinking about "Dic Thor"...thanks for that. :) When we were young my niece and I would sit on the front porch or look out the living room window and make predictions about the next car that would drive by. We would spend hours doing this and laughing so hard...we would say things like, "The next person to drive by will be your boyfriend, or your mom or your mailman". Those are simple examples, but we could get pretty creative with it and the poor unsuspecting people would drive by and we would fall on the floor laughing...guess you had to be there.

Kamille said...

You are hilaire. (I'm into the abbreves.) I'm thinking I may want to be a Burdette if I will get the mysteries of life unfolded to me by my dearest brother!