Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When It's Wednesday

Today I will be sharing random happy bits of information. First off, I would really like to do yoga. Watching Bob on The Biggest Loser always reminds me that I have a real feeling that I could go way out on yoga and make a salutation to the sun with the best of them. In all my world religion classes I have always loved learning about the eastern religions and yoga may just make me feel cool and zen-like. I feel I must embark upon a yoga class. How to fit that in ... hm...

In my acting class I have this 10 year old student who is quite a character. She is one of the most unique, quick thinking people I have ever met, and she's 10 (not spazzy unique, either). She just has a way with words, and I would like to listen to her when she grows up, cause her mind is sharp. In my last class we were talking about emotions and what they feel like, trying to really articulate the experience so they can BE not ACT. So I was encouraging her to be more expressive about how she felt that day. She kept saying she was tired and low on energy and I kept pushing her to be more analytical then that. Finally throws up her hands and goes, "Look, I want to have energy and bounce around, but I don't. It's hard to express ... it's like ... (she makes a closing motion with her hands) SWEET SHOP CLOSED." Well. I just looked at her, trying to process what she had just said. Finally I ask, "Did you just say 'sweet shop closed'?" She returns the look very dead pan and answers "Maybe." And that closed the conversation, because dangit, she really summed up her feelings! It makes me laugh every time I think of it. I told her I was going to steal that expression from her, but really, I wish I had thought of it myself!

Below is one of my favorite pictures of Olivia. I was cleaning and came into the room the other day, and she was just laying there on the floor in this position. Skirt, blanket, princess cup, princess bracelet, princess skirt, princess shoes, princess wand, baby, baby accessories. She didn't move when I took the picture, either, didn't even ask to see it. She just pointed at me, and then went back to meditating on the nature of the universe, apparently.

A few weekends ago we went up to see the Draper temple (which is very beautiful) and while there we went to The Children's Museum with my brothers and their families. It was a lot of fun, especially for the target audience. Here is her majesty playing some music.

K.J. and my cute niece Addie thought that was a great idea and joined right in.

This is my dad and I playing pretend. I really should have been a news anchor. I told the story of the lady that swallowed the fly very professionally, I thought.

And finally, here's Livi dressed up again and climbing all over her favorite jungle gym (papas). I went to take a picture and she grabbed her cheeks and YELLED "cheese!" She's an original, that's for sure. My children are jumping around in her crib behind me as I type and I just heard her saying "oh, funny, papas. oh, crazy, papas!" Liv calls my dad 'papas' instead of just 'papa' or 'grandpa.' K.J. is now picking it up and it may just stick for life.

Tonight the young women are going to baptisms for the dead. It's my first time since I was a youth, and I'm really excited to go and be there with my girls. I have always loved baptisms for the dead. I just really love the gospel. I think the Lord is very equitable, making sure all his children get a fair chance. And dangit, I like that.
Monday night we were waiting in the Costco parking lot late, waiting for Ben to get off work. K.J. was cold and finally he says, "Mom, I wish I had a snuggie right now." Of course I asked what he was talking about, to which he answered "you know, a snuggie. It's a blanket with arms. And if you buy one now we'll get a second one free and also a book light!" I know that by sharing this story I'm tatteling on myself that K.J. obviously watches way too much t.v. But still, it's a funny story, and very K.J.
Well, that is pretty much it for now. Rock on, everyone.


The Farnsworths said...

Your kids are so darn adorable! Can I have your extra snuggie??:) That made me chuckle! I know exactly what commercial he's been watching.:)

kip said...

"Snuggie" oh so classic!

Tara said...

I love to read your posts. They always make my day. Kids are pretty smart and pick up on things quickly. I don't know that the snuggie story is a true judge of how much KJ watches TV. Aiden can watch a movie one time and then almost play the whole thing back in words and actions for a long time afterwards. The other day we went to get family pictures and he asked if we were going to take our picture with the big bear. It's been over a year since we did family pics and we didn't get a copy of the pose with the bear and haven't even talked about it but he still remembered! Have a great day.

Tamari said...

"Sweet shop is closed" and "snuggie", kids, you gotta love 'em! My kids know that commercial too and I have a similar story. We don't have cable but we happen to get the Nickelodeon channel. It is the only channel we can get on TV without paying for cable. weird. And that commercial plays A LOT on that channel and my kids are convinced that a snuggie will make them warmer than just your average consumerism! Thanks for sharing your stories, always puts a smile on my face! Have an awesome time at the temple! :)

kip said...

The picture of livi is priceless! How is your mouth/teeth? lots of hugs Karen

Emily said...

oh my goodness!!! I know exactly how your student feels! haha. My Sweet Shop has been closed for a few days! haha. If only I could find the energy to bounce around. I love the Snuggie comment! So cute!! Hilarious! Very cute picture of Olivia! I love the children's museum! My kids went to that one and had a BLAST!! They are always asking to go back. I'm very jealous you got to go into the Draper temple....I'll get to go to the Oquirrh this summer when I come visit Utah, but really wanted to go to the Draper one. Want to try to get together when I go to Utah? I'd LOVE to see you and Trina!!

Ducksoup said...

oh marie, you just made my whole day. you need to be a children's author, adult author, comedian, hollywood actress (just cause you deserve that kind of pay) or all of the above or something of that sort. you know what i mean, right? you are just sooooo TALENTED! you are amazing and are so good with your words. why couldn't i have been there during your news broadcast. please from now on videotape moments like that. you know just think, would mary dawn enjoy this. the answer will of course be yes and then you can post a video for me! so the picture of olivia is soooo cute. how fun to have a girly girl. and mr. k.j. telling you he needs a snuggie makes me laugh. commercials have a way with children. i still remember from when i was little there was an m&m commercial of M&M's swimming in their own little M&M swimming pool. i thought that so cool. sounds like that commercial is doing the job though and that there going to start selling lots of snuggies. love you reeser! have a great day!!