Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yes, Barbara?

My friend Tamari had an ‘Interview Moment’ posted on her blog and I thought it was awesome to hear a little more in depth about her! Tamari wrote up some customized questions for me and for those who are interested I will do the same for you! After you read my ‘interview’ I will leave instructions if you want me to make up some questions for you! Such a fun idea!! Tamari, I turn the time over to you for questioning:

1. Like most Americans you have a passion for Disneyland. Have you ever been to Disneyland? If so, when was the first time you went there and what is a magical memory you can share with us? If not, when do you see yourself going, who will you take along and what would you want to do first?

I have been many times, and am definately a Disneyland Super-fan. Here is why: In Disneyland, it's about dreams -- finding your worthwhile dreams and always believing they can come true. It's about love, and hope, and fairytales. And it's about being a child in the most important place within yourself. Something about Walt's dream touches the deepest part of me, and I LOVE to share his dream with the people I love. I cry every single time I'm there! The first time I went to Disneyland I was in the third grade. I pulled the sword out of the stone and became "princess for the day." I know. I have the medal and certificate signed by Merlin if you would like to reverently hold them in your hand. One magical memory: Christmas 07 I opened a small package under my tree with Disneyland tickets inside! Ben had given me DISNEYLAND for Christmas!!! He knew how much I wanted to see it during the holidays, and it is still the most romantic gift I could possibly imagine. We left the day after Christmas with our two kids and had a wonderful time. The highlight was on the last night -- we had waited for a great spot to watch the fireworks show. I cried as the beautiful fireworks exploded and the narrator soothingly talked about the MAGIC of Christmas, the MAGIC within each of our families and the memories that will last, and then -- IT SNOWED. They made it SNOW on Mainstreet U.S.A. It is one of the most quiet and wonderful moments of my life.
We are planning our next trip in the spring of '10 with Ben's brother Tony and his family. You are all welcome to come along. We always accept an enthusiast.

2. Anyone who knows you has heard you talk so lovingly and with great admiration about your husband, Ben. What first attracted you to him? What does he do (that you feel comfortable sharing with us) that just makes you say, "Awe, isn't that adorable?"

Hmm... There are many things about Ben that I so love and admire. In many ways, he is the kind of person I could only dream of being. Ben was a good friend of my brother Matt their senior year, so I had always thought he was cute but I was 14 and ugly in a way only 14 year olds can be. He never said much, being very quiet and shy before his mission. But once playing toilet bowel on the trampoline he accidently touched my bum! He was humiliated. I should have known then we would be eternal companions. :) When he came back from his mission I happened to be home between semesters and opened the door when he came to see my brother. I am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. He was GORGEOUS, and absolutely glowing. I made a fool out of myself, but somehow, he asked me out two months after that and we were married eight months later. I'm not quite sure why he did this, but I'm sure glad he did. My major attraction to Ben has always been a deep goodness and kindness that he carries within him. I love him very much, minor faults and all. One thing he does that I truly find adorable is that when he gets excited about a secret he actually giggles. Then he messes up his hair and rubs his hands together in anticipation. It makes birthdays and holidays very exciting.
3. I already know your favorite Beatle is George (great taste by the way). What is your favorite song written by George? And, I know this difficult for such a Beatle fan as yourself but, what is your favorite Beatles Album? You can only choose one. Why is it your favorite?
Tamari, I can barely express the joy I feel knowing of your good sense when it comes to George and The Beatles. :) Difficult question, as you know. I like George's quieter songs, so right now I'm going to have to say "My Sweet Lord." I just love his sincerity and know that the Lord hears all songs of praise, so I sing along real loud to that one. Favorite album ... hm. Can I say, Beatles For Sale, Help, Rubber Soul, Revolver and have that be acceptable? Okay, okay. Umm. Alright. Today we'll say Rubber Soul. Perfect place between the early and late years.
4. Out of all the places to live in this great country of ours...why Hurricane, UT? Perks? Drawbacks?

Surprisingly, a profound question for me. I don't always know, other then it's right for us. I will say the greatest reason is family. I feel very conflicted between that place within me that says Broadway and the place that says Family, does that make sense? Basically, Ben and I both had idealic childhoods in small towns, and it's important to me that K.J. and Olivia have the firetruck come to preschool and other great stuff like that. Also, we love being close to our parents. And since I don't have to sing all the verses of my song at the same time, as Elder Faust says, I just hold tight to dreams of the Utah Shakespearean Festival and believe that dreams have no expiration date! Biggest Perk: Ward Family. Drawback: Limited Advancement Potential.

5. Being such an amazing actress I am sure you can see hints of potential in your children. Do you want them to do theater? Make a career out of it? Does one of your children seem to be leaning more towards the 'dramatic' than the other?

First off, why thank you. A compliment like that from you means a lot to me. Of course, I see LOTS of potential in my kids. They spend all their time around me, so when we're cleaning they too have to stop so they can spread their arms wide and belt out the point Z in the song. I would love for BOTH of them to be involved in theater, I think it's such a great environment to learn how to freely express yourself and have compassion for others! I do NOT want them to be dramatic people, though -- I don't like actors, as a general rule. (I think people should save the drama for the stage!) The career is up to them. As long as they have a strong moral code within them, go for it. They both show talent, K.J. especially for dancing and singing, and Olivia for singing and being a drama queen. :) They both LOVE to pretend, a quality I love in them.

INSTRUCTIONS1. Leave me a comment in this post saying, “interview me” (please include your email)2. I will respond by emailing you or messaging you five questions of my choosing.3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.4. You will include these instructions and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions each. Have fun!!!


Ducksoup said...

where do i even start. i loved reading your answers, especially the answer about why you love your dear husband ben. his goodness and kindness are definitely attributes Ii see in him too. he is just soooo good! i also enjoyed hearing how he accidentally touched your bumb. he probably felt guilty about that for months! and one of these days i want to go to disneyland with you. it is a magical place but i think being there with you would make it a thousand times more magical. and the pictures of k.j. and olivia striking their drama pose is so cute! i think you may have some drama stars in the making!!

kip said...

So Marie this is Matt again under the alias of Kip! Ben asked you out because I was sick of him not having a date to double with me for the date I had with Emily (one of your friends). I thought I had made a safe choice for him, and now look! What did I do? NOOOOOOOOO!!! My poor sister and best friend! Save them from each other! J/K Well that is why he asked you, because I made him do it and then he had to be all wonderful and ruin it for me! Dang you town boy scout dang you to Ricks! p.s. love you both!

kip said...

It was Sara not Emily (oh so many ex-girlfriends let me tell ya! Like 2!)

Tamari said...

This is was so enjoyable to read and I love how you encorporated the pictures! :)

Kamille said...

Your interview is much more splashy than mine. I just answered questions in the wordy way that I do. Blah blah me blah blah blah myself blah blah I blah. I haven't had anyone else ask to be interviewed. Two comments, but no interview requests. What shall I do about that? You are awesome.

TeamDall said...

Interview me!

We think Ben exceptionally wonderful, too. Very cool interview, you're an interesting person.

Emily said...

love this interview! So cute! If you want to you could interview me. :-) loved reading this! So very glad you are happily married! with 2 adorable kids!!