Thursday, March 12, 2009

Days Of Our Lives, Version 2.0

My son is betrothed. That's right, a mere five years old and already committed into a lifelong loving relationship with his best friend and ... now fiance ... Miss Kaylie. K.J. is a romantic. He just LOVES love. He has been getting married to someone since he figured out what "married" was. And I'm not gonna lie, he is very popular among the ladies. For about two years, his love has been evenly divided between two young ladies ... his two best friends in the world ... his neighbor Kaylie (above left) and his cousin Addie (above right). His solution to the problem was to just marry both of them. They're solution to the problem was to have a fairly intense love/hate feud. (it's just so interesting to see human emotions played out between children, isn't it? We just can't underestimate their feelings, it's amazing!) Anyhow, thankfully things have been cooling off the last six months or so. K.J. and Addie have decided to call off their engagement because they finally realized they are first cousins and will not do anything to jeopardize their cousinship. K.J. also called Addie "small," which is the most insulting thing you could ever call her petite little personage, so she has moved on and is now engaged to the older and more mature first grader in the neighborhood, Greyson. Because of her decision, K.J. and Kaylie are free to love one another openly and start making concrete wedding plans. Things I know so far: they are either going to move in to the house next door, so they can be close to both sets of parents and Kaylie's dad can financially support them, or if K.J. gets his way, they are going to move into Granny's house in Nephi. This is beneficial because K.J. adores Nephi and will still get to be close to his precious Granny's things, and Kaylie's grandmother also lives in Nephi. Best of both world's, right? I also know they are going to be strict but fair parents. Today's conversation on the way to preschool was very revealing. I will relate it as follows, so that you will also be on top of the status of the relationship and can start shopping for wedding gifts:

K.J.: Kaylie, when we grow up, we're going to be in a parade.

Kaylie: Okay ... Where? In the Peach one?

K.J.: No, in Nephi, when we're married.

Kaylie: K.J., before we can get get married you have to go on a mission.


K.J.: Oh, yeah. Well, I'll go on my mission to Salt Lake City.

Kaylie: Is that where you're going to go on your mission?

K.J.: Yes, and I'll just stay in our house in Nephi.

Kaylie: Okay, and while you're gone, I will do the laundry!


K.J.: Will you even do all the laundry for our kids?!


Kaylie: Yeah, I'll even have to wash stinky underwear!

-hysterical laughter-

K.J.: Stinky underwear!?!

-hysterical laughter-

Kaylie: Yeah, 'cause we need to get ready. 'Cause potty-training is hard, huh, Marie?

-more hysterical laughter-

End of Story. Watch for the announcement in the mail in the next twenty years or so.


Simmons Family said...

haha, that is so cute!!!

Emily said...

That is such a cute story!! I just love it and can see those two as a cute grown couple! I'll watch for an announcement!

Emily said...

P.S. as if you care but the word thing I had to put in was "Mariadge" It's like marriage...or Marie....or something.

Kyle & Alicia said...

Oh my gosh! I have never laughed harder at such a cute story! I loved their conversation, it was so sophisticated for two little 5 year olds! K.J. is quite the ladies man.

So I forgot your email and that is why you have not receievd an invite to my blog yet. so i will get that from you, sorry for the long delay.

Deepfryer said...

love, love, love this post. this has got to be the best conversation i have ever heard. so funny to hear about k.j. being a little lady's man. oh, he's cute. can't wait to get the announcement!

Tink said...

hysterical laughter from this end too! Our children do have a complicated relationship, but it is so fun to watch them! I miss you guys!

Tina Williams said...

For curiosity sake, who are the other grandparents in Nephi. I'm glad to know he is taking care of his future - he is an amazing planner and goal setter. So adorable!

Tina Williams said...

I remember them and know exactly who you are talking about - thanks for the extra info! It sure sounds like you live in a wonderful neighborhood.

The Farnsworths said...

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!! Those two are definitely MFEO! I sincerely hope that in 20 so years they are still madly in-love!