Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Is NOT A Four Letter Word!

Welcome, March! Not only do you bring spring and my birthday, you also end February. So rock on. Rock on, little March. Way to make the grass green. Way to flip cold the bird. Way to be you.

So anyhow. Yes indeedy, K.J. and his uncontrollable kicks were a part of sacrament meeting today. It makes me psychotic, borderline CrazyMom. (Not all of you will know who CrazyMom is, but I trust some of you do). I just don't get it! Why, why must he kick me?! I don't ask for much . . . just not to be kicked. He always seems so surprised, too, like he had no idea he just took out my shin! Maybe the Lord thinks I deserve a good hard kick and so uses K.J. as an instrument in His hands. I better not question it. I gotta get better at this "remember he's five and you are NOT five" thing. Note to self: work on gaining at least a little maturity while being kicked.
Today I taught all the young women lesson eight, which is (those of you who know me and my flaws will laugh): Attitudes about Our Divine Roles. Go ahead and laugh. I probably could hear this lesson every week for the rest of my life and still -- in a small, rebellious corner of my thick skull -- think "Huh?" I have no problem recognizing how amazing it is to be a wife and mother! I'm so thankful to be so blessed. And I'm glad to share the sacredness of those experiences. I just want to know who words the lessons, as it's sometimes a little . . . oh well. The Lord already knows I'm mentally challenged. So I found some radical quotes by President Hinckley and President Monson to make it a little more rockin'. I miss President Hinckley! That man is hilarious. One thing that helped is I brought a bunch of framed pictures -- one of our wedding, our little family, my parents with their grandkids, an adorable one with my granny and my kids. And, I have this awesome picture frame with pictures of four women in my maternal line, so I also talked about the example each of them has been to me on being a righteous wife and mother. I'm not sure how well it went over. One of my beehives snored in the first row, and I had to get after three of my beehives in the second row for passing notes and giggling while others commented. Oh well, maybe it's just the fact they're beehives! (She says to herself reassuringly).
You need to know something about me: I hate Star Trek. I can do Star Wars BUT I CAN NOT DO Star Trek. My husband is a trekky. And we just cancelled our television, so he is systematically going through all his trekky movies. And he listens to them so amazingly loud it just boggles my mind! I think he might do it to get under my fingernails. (Wait . . . I think I'm breaking the wife roles by saying that. But I still think it's true).
I'm amazed what my imagination will and will not do. Star Wars, especially the old ones . . . okay, why not. X-men -- again, possibly. Lord of The Rings, obviously historical. And Harry Potter, that's pretty much fact, isn't it?! And as we all know, there are vampires, and one named Edward is going to bite Ben pretty soon and make him Benward.
I think I discriminate against people with things on their foreheads, and also dragons. If I were a famous actor, they'd make me go to rehab for that. Someone should do a case study on me, then let me know the findings.
Well, not much else to say here in Marieland. (I actually don't think I had anything enlightening to say to start out with, but I appreciate you staying with me up to this point)!
Happy Birthday to my really great big brother Jon(nie to me) who is turning the big 3-0 and is a great example and friend to me. I love you, bro! I appreciate you and I'm glad you were born!


Ducksoup said...

well you sure made me smile. i love when you say i'm glad you were born. totally makes me laugh. and star trek would probably drive me crazy too. and i think you could have your own tv show and entertain people for hours. so along with being an author, a famous actress, an acting coach, and mother of the year, you could be the next oprah but of course much more entertaining to listen to. you could even call it marieland! well darn those beehives. seriously, they should listen! but your listen sounded awesome and i can't wait to hear the good news of ben turning into benward. have i mentioned yet in this post that you are hilarious...cause you sure as heck are! have a good one! i'm still in virginia but will post something when i get home (returning wedneday)! and tell jonnie happy b-day! wow 30! i am way too close.

Simmons Family said...

I totally understand about the star trek thing. My hubby doesn't have the episodes but he has a box set of all the movies. His big thing is stargate, which is kind of like a star trek series if you are lucky enough not to have seen it. He just finished his box set of every episode ever made! Woo hoo

RoseAnna said...

I agree!! Come on March!! Bring on the warmth! March brings so many wonderful things: tulips, green grass, playing outside, and of course-our birthdays!!! Wah-Hoo

Tink said...

Treckies have to be the wierdest bunch ever they are like the trailor trash cousin of the sci-fi world. You know they are there but you are kind of ashamed that your related. Star Wars is nerdy but who can refuse loveing those kick A. light sabers. You are awesome marie. love ya sis,