Saturday, March 21, 2009

Na-na-na-na-na-na -- You Say It's Your Birthday!

The birthday extravaganza Ben-style continued today, with a delicious birthday breakfast of french toast and bacon, the afternoon off (thanks, trina, for a really radical time bumming in st. george!), and dinner with some of my very best friends at the afore mentioned chinese buffet. ah. it was a truly great day!
The funeral was this morning and was so beautiful. Josh's big brother, the bishop, and Elder Hales all spoke. And there was the most beautiful musical number I have ever heard called "precious son" that Sis. Clapham wrote with the music therapist at Primary Children's. It was very special. Today I want to hold my kids a little tighter. And appreciate the things I have! And be more like the Savior would have me be. So some pretty great desires to have. Thanks, Josh -- although I didn't know you well, your influence will be long-lasting.
It is now 12:03. Happy birthday to myself! I love my life, so thank you, Heavenly Father, for letting me be here. I just love birthdays. I love to celebrate being alive!


Ducksoup said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REESER! Like you always say, I am so glad you were born. You are amazing, adorable, sweet, loving, and so talented in 8 millions ways! It's so cool we are related. So I hope you have a wonderful day, Ben-style! Sounds like he is doing a good job celebrating. Loved the b-day song. Coolest blog ever! Love yah. Happy Birthday!!

RoseAnna said...

Happie Burfdaie!