Monday, March 9, 2009

Novels, Reality T.V., or Chinese Food?

I have this great desire to write something amazing -- sadly, any time I try, it becomes stinky mush and I am once again humbled into realizing I'm a wannabe. I have wanted to be an "author" for about 20 years now. I wrote some very romantic tales as an elementary and middle school student. The boy was always a good deal older then the young lady, love at first sight was a total given, and if there was longing and fear of unrequited feelings, then we (me, myself, and I) knew it was a totally rockin' story and I was the next great. I still would love it if my idea of a total Native-American hottie would come to fruition and someone would offer me $750,000 for a three book deal. Nope, wouldn't have a problem with that at all. I have also considered writing a mystery novel, a memoir, a biography, a thriller, a fantasy, or a cookbook. I'll let you know when that happens. I will even sign a copy for you, 'cause I'll have to be self-published and will need to give them away to clear up storage space. Why can't I be the next Jane Austen, I ask you?
I'm ashamed to say it, but when we had television I was addicted to 'The Bachelor.' Ben is always disgusted that I tell people this, for him it's like borderline for a good reason to disown me. I always get so involved -- truly, I don't know why -- I just don't want to see the poor saps hurt. And dang it, I trusted that Jason. And he's just a poop, and a hussy, too. I'm so thrilled I can't get sucked into that show again!!! It's my favorite reason to not have t.v. -- protection from myself and my choices in reality television.

I used to be a poet. Poems just flew out of me -- sometimes spewed out of me. I just don't write them much anymore. Mostly just with turbulent emotions. Good thing I'm not a teenager anymore! Phew! Anyhow, they're not like "read me" poems, they're just for me or the person I wrote them for, but I do miss the emotional release when you've just burned a hole in your hand. I do love the sonnet, though, that one is still fun. So thank you, 10th grade english teacher, for teaching me the many wonderful rhythm laws of sonnet-ness. And also teaching me what a verb is, because somehow I missed that little tidbit up to that point. You have my gratitude, Mr. Hill.
No one should be subjected to my blog, I swear. I need to find pertinent and interesting things to say before I post. Well, oh well! Enter at your own risk, I say.
Guess what, though. This is kind of note worthy: Tonight we went to a chinese restaurant, and Ben read his fortune cookie, and I just loved the thought. Then everyone else read theirs, then I read mine ... (dot, dot, dot) ... and it was the same fortune as Ben's!!! Density, to quote George McFly. So I made him hold my hand and sang "The Circle of Our Love," from Saturday's Warrior. He didn't love it. Go figure.

And finally, Paulette -- if you are reading this -- I love you. Remember you're a pink lady, so you're four strong. Love you. Hang in there.


Ducksoup said...

reeser all this time i've been telling you you could be an author and had no idea you wanted to be. although it doesn't surprise me a bit because you've got the talent, that is for dang sure. i don't read much but i would read every single word you'd write. you should do it! talk about a talent you have!! sheeze. my writing compared to yours? are we really related? you are amazing! so i give you two thumbs up and am glad ben didn't exactly love your special moment because i can see myself doing somethig like that with ryan and ryan not even being willing to play along :). men, huh. and you should just know i usually don't go to bed with ryan because i'm more of a midnight type but last night he was much later than normal and i kept saying can i tell you just one more thing (about 12 times i said that). each time he'd let me say what i wanted to say but it was kind of nice being able to talk to someone as i was laying there trying to fall asleep. although when i go to be at my usual late night hour i'm so tired i usually fall asleep saying my prayers. i know, i'm sure granny is wondering what to do about that. well you rock girl. i just have one last request, can you please write a poem and post it on you lovely blog. i would love that! happy tuesday. love yah FC!

Jen said...

I also appreciate the special talents and grammar codes of Richard Hill. He is such an awesome English teacher.

I would love to read a novel you wrote.

katie said...

Ok, so I totally love reality tv! And I am proud to say that I love the Bachelor! I used to try and hide it, but I enjoy watching! I loved Jason too and at first was mad at him, but after seeing Melissa and Jason and Molly on Ellen, I decided that he is not that bad. I can't say that I won't watch because I get too involved! Like I can't wait for Jillian to be the Bachelorett! Besides I like to take a break and live in someone eleses reality for a while:) That might make me crazy, but who cares!! I am now looking forward to dancing with the stars! I really do need to get a life!

The Farnsworths said...

Oh, Marie, you really do crack me up! That is so incredibly funny that you and Ben received the same fortune...what are the chances? ...Density...there is no better way to put it.

Thank you for your thought at the end. I am glad I read it and I am glad that I have such a wonderful friend and neighbor in you. I hope you always know how much I adore you and happy that you are a part of my life. I'm excited to take you out to celebrate your birthday! Because, I am so glad that you were born!