Thursday, March 26, 2009

Point Me To The Complaints Department!

I'm sure none of you ever have this desire, righteous and benevolent people that you are, but sometimes -- particularly when I am suffering from a hormonal imbalance -- I would like to ride a bicycle down the street screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs! The wind whipping through my hair, the war cry tearing my throat, my legs lifted off the pedals at a 45 degree angle, and the delicious delight I would feel as the innocent bystanders fearfully watched the crazy lady thundering down the street. Ah. I would be quite soothing, I believe.
Now maybe all of you are reading this thinking "What?! Marie is a freak of nature! Not only would I never frighten innocent citizens, I would never, ever swear!" However; I believe that at least one of you out there would sympathize with my plight and also consider a well placed curse word. Either way. That's up to you. I'm just telling you how it is for me.
So life is good! We can all agree.
Complaints of the day:
1) Death. My beehive advisor, who is in her late 40's, has been diagnosed with Neurological Carcinoma, or in other words, the cancer from hell. It is also in her liver, her lungs, and her spine. I just don't get it. It's really starting to make me mad, too.
2) Stupid People. I still just stand in wonder at what some people's kids can do to others. In the case of my family, it can still make me mad. If it was just me, I could take it. But the fact that it tortures the people I love, THAT I CAN'T TAKE! Back off, you bats out of hell.
3) Hormones. If I was a saintly woman, the back-stabbing hormones coursing through my veins would be a mere inconvenience that I could patiently ignore. As it is, I am crazy woman, hear me roar.
4) Myself. Sometimes I get exhausted just listening to me! I am sure you all feel the same way. Go hang out on someone cool's blog, and eat chocolate and pretend we never talked! Or, do what I do -- go to and see what the celebrities do, 'cause then it makes your life look cool.
Well, I will now end with a happy thought as a reward for you visiting with me today:
"In all living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed; not just endured." - Gordan B. Hinckley the Great.
Now I know you're laughing, 'cause I chose that quote after being a psycho. It was deliberate. I will have fun and laughter for the rest of my day! Who cares that I just found Livi eating bacon fat and K.J. in a puddle of root beer on the counter, it mattereth not! My house is miraculously clean and I have no immediate plans. I'm going to eat cheetos and be happy. Thanks, President H.!


Ducksoup said...

Marie it is your FCIL you need to watch your mouth and keep the blog clean no more hells

Ducksoup said...

hi reeser--now it's your FC. never mind your FCIL comment, although i am a little jeoulous. he has never commented on my blog let alone anyone else's. go reesehead. ryan couldn't help but comment, so hopefully you take no offense. first off i love your blog title, along with the bicycle bit! you are too funny. and i hope your day is going better or that you do in fact take your bicycle ride. my day started off retrieving my diaper bag i left at an ice cream joint last night. i was relieved to find my wallet and checkbook still intact. seriously, how do you leave the ice cream parlor without the big bag you carried in. so you rock and your blog is the cool blog i love to visit. love yah, cowmanuer

Kyle & Alicia said...

Marie, reading your blog continually makes me smile! I love that you just tell things how they are,in a positive way. No worries, I have days when I feel the exact same way. The only difference is I DO say a few choice words(but the sad thing is i don't even realize it, the words just slip out). I hope you've had a much better day! Let me know if there is anything we can do for you guys!! :-)

RoseAnna said...

I hear you!! Love ya sista!

jonnycake said...

I'm glad I'm not alone. As much as I try to live Pres. Hinkley's advise, sometimes, on the hard days, I forget. But, as my Grandma Bishop whispered in my ear today at my Grandma Baker's funeral..."we have to know the bitter, so we will know the sweet." Oh, the wisdom of Grandmothers! What will we do without them. I hope you have a better day. Love ya!

jonnycake said...

So after I just made the last comment, I read the rest of your blog... "The good with the bad, so we know the difference." Yeah, you already know. But I guess sometimes we just need reminders. (And I thought I was being so clever!)

Emily said...

Sorry to hear about the Beehive advisor! Very sad! I love President Hinckley's quote! Thanks for sharing!! I love reading your blog and can never be exhausted from reading your words!!
Love ya much!!