Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sometimes You'd Rather Not Know

I had my usual meeting today with the bishop and young men's president, but left feeling so disturbed, because chastity and pornography were the subjects of the day. you don't need or want to know all the details, suffice it to say ... we have a problem. and by we, i mean WE, you and me and all of us who want to be part of the Lord's kingdom. my friend the y.m. president said he'd just gotten a call to help give a blessing to a woman who's family had had the internet for ONE MONTH and her husband was already addicted to porn. I don't even want to imagine the utter heartbreak and betrayal of the wife, and the thought process of the husband. And believe me, that was the very least of what I heard today. I guess all I really want to say, is this: if you have a problem -- please -- get help and stop now before it is too late and your whole world is destroyed into a pile of smoldering rubble.
And that's about all I have to say about that.


Tink said...

Oh Heaven help us all! I just got the internet and I am so afraid of that!! I hope and PRAY that it will not become a problem in my home. Satan is working so hard, and in so many cases he is winning, but he won't win in the end! We have to be strong, we have to be faithful, we have to conquer! We are on the Lord's side and we have to stay there! Thank goodness for the Atonement and that we have a way back from our stupid mistakes! We all have them. I hope that I will be able to stay close to the Spirit and that I will be able to teach my children to stay close to the Spirit and live the Gospel. Oh, we live in a scary, scary world!

Emily said...


Ducksoup said...

wow, only had the internet a month and already addicted to that horrible thing called pornography. that is so sad! i liked your advice of getting help before your world is destroyed into a pile of rubble--SO TRUE! oh and i have to tell you the key lime cheesecake was flavorless. how do you like that though--you don't even have to resist because it's grose and you just don't want to eat it!

Tabitha said...

Reading your post, I was saddened. Not necessarily about the subject, but about the fact that you were talking about things you talked about in a confidential bishops meeting. Who is to say that the person the ym president was talking about wouldn't stumble across your blog and realize that things that she told someone were being broadcast for everyone to read. And as I read, I was also saddened by the judgmental nature of it all. Yes, pornography is a sin. But it is also an addiction. An addiction that is no different than drugs, alcohol, gossiping, treating others unfairly, etc. People are just that, people. And talking about getting help before their whole world is destroyed into a pile of smoldering rubble is cruel. I think in situations like these, compassion works best. And not just compassion for the wife (which I of course would want and need), compassion for the one who sinned. Because really, if you had sinned, how would you like to be treated? It's just as Jesus said in the Bible, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone".