Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Announcing My Retirement

I would officially like to alert you all that I will be retiring soon (i.e. tonight). It has become clear to me that this is the only course of action left to me if I value my sanity at all.
I shall now be cleaning only the parts of the house in which I officially live.
K.J.'s room is no longer my concern.
That is between him and his father.
All actions taken against me and house while said father is in charge are now his responsibility (and his responsibility alone). The first party heretofore retires from active duty.
I shall keep you posted.
The Help-Meet Formerly Known As Maid


Tink said...

That sounds bad....there are days that I wish I had a pention plan or at least a 401K. Can I retire with you! We could spend our weekends in Disneyland!

Ducksoup said...

that is too funny. ben must be pretty good cleaner if he's in charge of your sweet little boys bedroom. so hilarious. there must be some more background to this story... i would love all the juicy details. ryan last night asked me if i'm trying to prove something because i haven't emptied his bag from our st. louis trip. hmmm... i guess that's how maid service works around here??? when we went to utah i emptied his bag upon return but that's the only time i recall doing such a thing. kinda crazy that one time seems to have given me a lifetime of emptying bags. well good luck on your retirement. i hope it means more time for blogging!

Jen said...

YES! Me, too. I retire from doing anyone else's dishes. Grrrr.

Tamari said...

I feel your pain sister! I feel it!

The Farnsworths said...

Hello, Maid (from the Burdette's house),
This is Maid (from the Farnsworth's house). I hereby welcome your retirement and in addition I state that I wish you the best of luck. And for the sake of your sanity, may you never have to come out of retirement.:)

Tara said...

When I let the dishes pile too high for too many days or don't wash the laundry often enough for Tim to have clean clothes then he will take the initiative to do them for me! He's actually getting lots better at helping with those things at least a couple times a month. Retirement would be great but I don't think it would be feasible at this point. Maybe once we're done with school I could consider that option. Let me know how it goes!

Tink said...

"You find out who your friends are" --Tracy Lawrence. Just incase you are still wondering!