Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday After Church

Happy Easter, everyone! Today Olivia looked as pretty as a princess walking into church in her new easter dress and white easter hat. I was so proud to hold her hand as she toddled in by my side. She got many compliments. I will post a picture soon. It was also cute to see my little nieces feeling so beautiful in their new dresses. It reminds me so much of when I was a little girl, the Easter dress was so fun. Livi, true to form, also fussed all through sacrament for "Cannnnddddyyy! Candy, Mom, please? Waaaa, candy!!!"
I just have to say how much I love my calling. I am so blessed. The opportunity to serve these girls is a gift straight out of heaven. I love it, and I love them. I wish I could stay in this calling forever.
K.J. got a bike from the Easter Bunny. That was really nice of the Easter Bunny, but Ben and I put in a special request since K.J. is about the only kid who doesn't have a bike in the neighborhood and we didn't want him to get one for no reason and then expect to live the high life. He did a great big double take when he saw it this morning! He loves it! Pictures to follow.
House hunting is sucking my soul out. It is exhausting!!! And not very much fun when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it. We found one last night we are interested in. But it's going to have to sit there for a little while, because we both think/feel we need to stay here at least for a while. Confusing. But not confusing when you come to that conclusion and don't feel confused anymore! That's just nice.
My children love the old Mickey Mouse cartoons and the old Micky Mouse Club. They could watch it endlessly. That makes me happy, because it's what I loved, and what my parents loved!
They are watching it right now, and it's a soothing background sound.
I love Easter, and I love the Savior. I am so thankful He overcame death and that through Him we will all be resurrected and I will see my loved ones again, never to parted!
I hope you all have a nice easy day. I hope I will take a little time to think about the real reason for the season! I love you all.

P.S. About the Edward picture below. It is just so beautiful, isn't it. When Ben saw it, he was like "Who is that ugly guy?" I told him it was Edward and he goes "Gross! He looks like the guy from the movie 'Powder'!" I thought that was so hilarious.


Tamari said...

Ben Rocks!! That is the funniest thing I have heard in the last hour! (what can I say, my kids and husband are pretty funny) But Ben...classic!

I am glad you had a nice too! :)

Tink said...

I'm glad you had a Happy Easter! We did too! Livi was cute in her dress! - Edward...Ugly...What???????

Ducksoup said...

how fun k.j. got a bike! woo hoo. braden received nothing from his parents for easter. we were in utah and easter came and i thought huh, i didn't even get braden an easter basket. and then i thought he's too little to know the difference anyway. maybe i'll go shopping today and find him something. i love excuses to buy things. so i am with you on house hunting. it stinks! we returned home last night and we are HOMELESS! yup, that's right. we have no house to live in so who knows what we'll do. ugh! that stinks and i'm surprised people are able to purchase homes. it seems far too complicated to me. well happy easter to you. can't wait to see the pics of your little ones!

Kamille said...

My Easter was not nearly the cup full of gratefulness that yours was. Oy. Dying to know what you are reading these days. Are you going to be out riding w/ KJ? I don't know that I have a DVD that soothes my soul from my youth. Maybe I could watch Sabrina w/ Harrison Ford over and over, but I don't think I have one from when I was a kid. Um, you think you have the best calling? Not. Primary music. It is the best. Ever. Period. Oh, and I can relate to house hunting. I'm pretty sure that it's the 7th circle of Hell. Frankly, Hell may just be finding a house followed by finding a job followed by shopping at Wal*Mart. Really. Okay, ramblings over.

RoseAnna said...

House hunting? I had no idea. I hear that Vernal has lots of opertunities and has a lot of houses to choose from. Just a thought.

Tamari said...

I had it geared towards the young women, but I am actually grateful that the young men will be there. I will just tweak it a bit, no big woof! Yes, the 26th! I will call you soon to get the address of the church building. Can't wait!! (Especially for those cookies!!) ;-)