Saturday, April 4, 2009

To My Son

Dear K.J.,
Today I watched you play on the neighbor's trampoline through your bedroom window, and I was so filled with love for my wonderful little son. I want you to know today and every day how proud I am to be your mother!
You are unlike anyone I know. You are gentle and kind and loving, and such a wonderful friend. In fact, I have never, ever seen you be cruel -- you just don't seem to have it in you. I watched you run around in circles with your little friends, politely taking turns and hopping so happily, and moving out of the way with your constant "I'm just glad to be here" smile, and my heart felt full to overflowing. Since you were born, you have brought happiness into my life in a way I never knew existed! I have always privately thought that when you came you brought the sunshine with you, so warm and bright.
When I was growing up, I had a picture in my mind of my firstborn son. You have been all that and more. From the little "Everybody just calm down" and "Mom, we're not supposed to say that word" to the "I love you so much"es and "Mom, you're my best, best friend" moments, you are just you and that is more then enough.
From the time you were in my belly I felt that you were special. You prove that again every day! I know you will make greatness with your life -- I have such faith in you. I love you with all my heart, and am so grateful you are my son. So glad I have the honor of calling myself your mother!
The Mom.


Ducksoup said...

so cute reese! i love how he is just always so good and such a great friend! and your note was so sweet :)

Tink said...

You are such a good mother and KJ is such a good boy! I'm glad we live close so our kids can rely on each other! KJ is so tender hearted! I love him too.

Tina Williams said...

Marie - Way to be! Such a good thing to celebrate and let your son know how important he is to you. I love my children but sometimes I seem to forget to tell them so . . . they would love a little letter from me . . . you are inspiring!

Emily said...

What a cute letter! I can't wait to meet your cute kids! I hope he is always kind and sweet.