Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Unmentionable Casseroles

For dinner tonight I'm making my classic Grandma Beef Rice Casserole. I love it. My family tolerates it. It is both delicious and too easy for words. I have tweaked it to my specifications. Hope you don't mind, Granny.
My afore mentioned Grandmother -- truly, truly delightful in every conceivable way -- also made a dish called "Vomit Casserole." That's right. Vomit. As in barf. She just thought that was so funny. I never thought it was funny. Ever. It makes me feel funny just thinking about it. And even though my Granny was a chef extraordinaire (lots o' practice), I simply could not eat that Vomit Casserole.
One other thing: when I ate at Granny's she always made me drink a glass of milk. I HATE milk! I thought that would ease up when I was no longer a child. Nope. She always insisted on the glass of milk. A FULL glass. I truly dislike milk, and think that was kind of mean.
So now I don't ever drink milk with my dinner. Sorry, Grandma. But I do make Beef Rice Casserole!!! And will for the rest of my natural life. The recipe even has little notes written on it from when I called you for advice.
I love you, Grandma.


Tink said...

I completely agree with the milk thing, nasty stuff. I did strangely like it when I was pregnant though! I also agree with the chef extraordinaire Granny! She could cook anything! I also have notes from things I have asked Grandma how to cook! ! never have tried the vomit casserole though! I just can't bring myself to do it!

jonnycake said...

Milk, its what grandma forces you to eat with dinner! Has a nice ring to it. I miss Granny so much it hurts including vomit casserole YUMMY! better going down than up but that is a given. I miss her creamed mushrooms and pork chops. But most of all I just miss her hugs and just sitting by her.

Tamari said...

Milk = Yuck

Emily said...

I don't like milk either...I can tolerate it in cereal but that is about the extent of it. Vomit Casserole...sounds like a GREAT Halloween dinner!

Tara said...

I'll take everyone's milk. I love it. For those of us who don't know your recipe do you mind sharing it sounds good (the beef rice that is!)