Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Cracked My Pelvis, And You're Not Forgiven. --Meredith

My dear friend Paulette came to my door the other day with the most radical gift ever: A calendar featuring her favorite show and mine -- The Office. It is too awesome for words! Thank you, Paulette, it is hanging in my bedroom where it can give me joy every morning. K.J. saw it, gasped in happiness, and starting singing the theme to the opening credits as loud as possible in his opera voice. I kind of felt the same way: "LAAAAA .. . .. LALALALALA . . ... LA,LA,LA,LA,LA LALA .. .. " So in honor of you, Paulette, I have titled this post with one of my favorite quotes on my new shiny calendar. I hope you enjoy it.
Four days without posting! This is like a world record for me. I hope my public hasn't been suffering. (Muh-ha-ha=Evil Laugh).
I am just thinking that life is too interesting for words.
Trina (my marvelous sis-in-law) and I went to the Ward play date today, and we were the only ones there. It was totally rockin'. But since we go to the same park with our kids all the time and it's like twenty paces from our house, we just felt cool, 'cause now we can brag that WE support the enrichment groups. We are just so righteous. If only everyone could be as righteous. Go us. (That is me practicing for my Rameumptom. See Alma 31: 12-23. You won't regret it.)
I wish I lived in Nephi right now, 'cause if I did, I would call together all my ladies and we could go cokin'. We would have to argue over who would pay. I would win in an arm wrestle.
I miss my Grandma but she's okay, so that's good.
I took my children to the dentist yesterday -- their first such adventure. It was a little intense, but when ISN'T the dentist a little intense? Unfortunately, Olivia has TOTALLY inherited my poor little teeth, and K.J.'s are not as bad but not as awesome as I wish they were. We are going to pay our tithing and then get rich by the beginning of May, 'cause that is when their appointments are scheduled. They are going to be sedated to have their various troubles fixed so they are not traumatized for life. I; however, may be traumatized. My bank account will totally be traumatized. But my children will have healthy teeth once more, and you know what? That makes me happy. I love the little smurfs. They also have this whole mouth x-ray thing now and I saw K.J.'s permanent teeth, his wisdom teeth, and his nasal cavity and eye sockets. It was too weird. They're not faking it when they say man has been on the moon. And we probably all have C.I.A. agents that follow us, too. Do something, President Obama! They can take pictures of my children's nasal cavities! I saw his wisdom teeth, dangit!
I am trying to become a better Marie. This entails short term and long term goals and a daily list of things-I-must-accomplish-because-I'm-accountable. Let me tell you, I am on day three, and it is exhausting. But I truly believe it will help me take a few steps forward, so I'm sticking with it, alarm clock and all! Shazam, to use my overused word.
Well, I now bid you all a fond farewell. K.J. is heading towards the end of preschool and such a smart and sweet boy. Olivia gets more hilarious and fun and talkative all the time. Ben is super cute and busy and his hair is getting kind of grey like George Clooney's, and I am thinking about lunch right now. Ciao, bobos.


Tamari said...

Glad you are back I was starting to have withdrawals... :)

Tink said...

I just don't get the office thing...I'm glad you enjoy it so thoroughly! I guess I'm just too boring. I am proud of our goals and our progress. Hopefully it will get easier! I am struggling today. I just want to be a lazy wreck! (Pull it together, Trina!) You inspire me! I want to be a better person, and you give me the courage to try! Thanks!

Ducksoup said...

wow alarm clock! if you only knew the hours i'd been waking up this what the heck i guess i'll tell you. before i let you in on my laziness though, let me just say i hope it's all attributed to jet lag. mon: noon, tue: 7:00 but was a really bad mom and slept on the couch and then put braden down at 10:30 and went to sleep until 11:52, wed: 10:00, and today 8:57. thank goodness braden has felt the same way :). so i love the office too. we always look forward to thursday nights. and i need to be let in on some goals...i need some extra inspiration of what i should be doing :). and dentists--yuck! no fun. hope your lunch was good. and ryan's hair is going grey too. puts me in shock everytime i see it. are we married to old men or what...the only problem is i am the older one of us two. well you rock. i love yah oodles!

The Farnsworths said...

The Office is the best show EVER! I'm so glad that you liked the gift, and I love how you mentioned me in your post. I feel special! I'm awesome.:) But you are more awesome. It is bazaar that you were able to see all that in the x-rays. I was a bit perplexed when Eli had his whole head and neck x-rayed at Primary Children's. And Kyler's arm last summer. It's kinda like you're in another dimension and wondering if this is really your kid. Almost unnatural.:) The whole skeletal structure is just creepy, maybe that's shy we have skin to cover it up.:)

Thank you so much for your comments! Don't worry about not seeing the post on your computer. I started writing it last week, but didn't actually post it until it is dated as last week. Weird, I know.

You are amazing! I'm proud of you for setting goals for yourself. I've been trying to do the same. I don't know how well I'm doing at it...the computer keeps calling my name and distracts me. Good luck! I want to you know that you are an inspiration! I sure love you!

Tara said...

Tim's hair was going gray before we even started dating but it is becoming more so all the time. He has such dark hair that it stands out quite a bit too. Goals are a wonderful thing. If I thought I could actually keep them instead of just being depressed about not then maybe I would set more of them!!! You are awesome. Keep up the good work. I miss when you don't blog because you truly are an inspiration.