Sunday, May 31, 2009

Defining Moments

Today the bishop invited the Laurels in with the "grown-ups" (alleged) for the fifth Sunday discussion. He talked about defining moments in our lives and how they shape us, then had various ward members share some of their experiences. It was actually a really neat meeting. My own dear sis Trina was called on to share, and she did a great job talking about an experience she had helping a college roommate. Another man shared how during the Korean War he was hit by a bullet that went through his helmet, zipped around the outside of his head (going so far as to burn his hair), and then dropped out of his helmet onto the ground. Woah, I know! The Double B and I both had our own thoughts, and shared some of them when we got home (yep, girls, that's my husband). The defining moment I was thinking of during the meeting happened when I was seventeen years old, right at the end of my junior year. I got called in to meet with a member of the stake presidency right before a Saturday night meeting. He said "Sister Allred, you have been called as the seminary council president. [marie's jaw hits floor.] Do you accept this calling?" I stammered out a yes, and after a brief set of instructions he stood up and set me apart. I walked into the meeting to meet up with my parents pretty darn shocked. Almost upset, it had all happened so fast, and I was so full of self-doubt. It was a defining moment for me, not just because it became one of the best experiences of my life and gave me the opportunity to feel the Lord's love for each individual, but also because I learned right there in that interview, that when the Lord calls, you answer!!!
What are some of the defining moments in your life?


Tink said...

I'm glad to hear your defining moment...not that you only have one, but I liked the one you shared! Cute background! I can't really believe you changed it, you had the bees for a very long time!

Jen said...

I had a horrible horrible day once on my mission, and at the end of the day I had to just go and cry for about an hour. Nothing bad had happened to me, but I had talked to three women right in a row who had the most awful life problems. After that weeping session I seemed to have more self-confidence and joy in everything else. It was a dose of intense perspective, I suppose.

Tamari said...

I have had MANY life defining moments, but one that stands out was when I served as Primary President in NJ. There was a little girl who I had a hard time loving, she was very active and, I felt, very unruly. Her mom was not much of a support to us and to top it off she had a thick South African Accent and it was difficult to communicate with her...I knew I had to pray. I asked the Lord to help me love this little girl and to help her sit still in Primary so she could feel the Spirit and learn with the other kids.

The following Sunday I was chasing her around the room trying to get her to sit down and we got caught up by a table in the back of the room. We were on either side looking at each other she ducked under the table and came back up and was repeating a peek a boo behavior when this voice came in my head as clear as day, "She is playing with you." I realized that she was not being defiant or bratty she was happy in Primary and didn't know one thing about being reverent so she played instead. I calmly looked at her in the eyes, called her by name and said, "It is not time to play right now, we can go run out on the lawn after church. Right now I need you to sit with your teacher and listen and learn about Jesus like the other kids." The tone of my voice was very foreign to me. I felt like I was just an instrument of the Lord telling that beautiful little girl what was expected of her. She looked at me intently then looked over at her class. It was like a light bulb moment for her and she took my hand and I guided her to her seat. Needless to say, I felt a surge of love for her and we both never looked back.

Since that experience I have learned to pray about things that may seem like, "small things", but I realized that every soul is great in the eyes of God. He values us more than we can comprehend...each individual. I can't wrap my mind around it. I now turn to Him with anything having to do with my own children. I pray for them individually, He knows best and He can help me raise them if I am in tune with the Spirit.

Tink said...

I know you're blogging right now!!!! Just thought I would tell you!

Ducksoup said...

defining i've been thinking about this and the two that keep coming two my mind are both about grandma. the first is when we were in the hospital, about 10 years ago, and your mom came running out of the ER telling us granny had died to pray. so you prayed and i cried. the end result, granny lived and i was grateful Heavenly Father spared her life. the next happened 10 years later. i received a phone call from mike telling me my dad needed a plane ticket home that grandma had died. i couldn't believe it. i always thought in a way she was invincible, that somehow she would defile all odds and just live forever. not so. but believe it or not i lived through it and am now grateful for a wonderful Plan Heavenly Father has given us. So love yah Ree. And thanks for asking, nothing like a good cry now and again. And guess what? I think I'm going to start packing today and can hardly wait to live near, well at least nearer to you. love yah much!