Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Her Highness, Princess Olivia

Monday's are our big day out. We go to St. George and bum around, have lunch with Grandma, and SHOP. And I actually had an excuse this time -- Mother's Day. I just really like to browse, and I can't help that because it is completely genetic. Thankfully, my children also enjoy a day on the town, especially since is usually involves seeing Daddy at work, Grandma Allred and her cool office, Uncle Nick at work, and Aunt Sil. And perhaps first and foremost, the dinosaur museum. They are grounded from the dinosaur museum for a few weeks, though, after thinking they could go out on the work area and running around like wild people last time. We're kindly giving the dino people a few days of stress relief (generous, aren't we).
Highlights of said trip: leaving Costco we almost bumped carts with a woman from Colorado City who's husband had just left her to put the stuff away. The scene:
Marie: Oh, excuse me! (The woman gives me a silent stare, and K.J. is affronted)
K.J.: Mom, how come that lady in the purple dress didn't say anything to us?
Marie: Well, maybe she's shy.
K.J.: I think she just needs to get to know us better!!!
Later (again at Costco, picking up Benjamin) Olivia's balloon from Robert's flew out the window and jetted off into the atmosphere. Of course, she was destroyed. I tried to comfort her, Daddy got there and tried to comfort her, all to no avail. There was a Colorado City family in the van acrossed from us, and a cute little girl with a big smile jumped out of the van with her own Robert's balloon and said:
Girl: Would your little girl like my balloon since she lost hers?
and she handed Olivia her balloon!!! Totally awesome in every way. It warmed my little pea-pickin' heart. So, see? The things we do -- matter.

Anyhow, so yesterday was retail therapy. At Wally's World we got Olivia some long-coveted headbands. She has had these babies in her sight for awhile, and was so thrilled to get them she carried them around with her for the rest of the day. Funny enough, she doesn't realize she only has to wear one at a time. So she spent most of the morning just like this! Adorable, says her mother. They are currently wrapped all up her arm. Great toy, I guess. Sorry, headbands.
"Ohhhh, so cUte!!!!" - Liv's response when I showed her this picture. I agree.
One of my favorite views! Right after a big hug around the legs. I'll buy you headbands any day of the week, Miss Olivia.


Tamari said...

Thank you for sharing your Monday with me! It brightened my day just as much as those headbands brightened Olivia's! I love hearing stories of kindness like the one you shared about the little girl and the balloon. Life is NOT all doom and gloom, we just need to recognize the little 'moments of wonderful' that happen to us everyday! Love you my friend! :)

The Farnsworths said...

She is just too adorable in all of her headbands! It reminds me of something Liz would do at her age. I love it!! That is a darling picture of your princess!

Tara said...

Those are some great pictures. She has a striped dress on so she needed a headband to match each stripe right?! If you email some pictures I could attempt a page for you. Just send me photos, story (if there's one to go with them) and if you have any particular color desires etc.

Kamille said...

She's pretty. Keep her.

katie said...

She is growing up so fast! I love her freckles!!

Ducksoup said...

oh if only i could just sit and read marie posts the entire day. they are good for my soul. i mean, how couldn't they be when you say everything so exquisitely. sounds like a pretty busy monday. glad olivia got another balloon--pure sweetness i tell you! and the pics of olivia are so ADORABLE. she is getting cuter by the minute. so fun watching her princess moments. love yah ree!

Tara said...

tntbuckner@sbcglobal.net what size do you want it 8x8/8x10/ 12x12 etc. Just let me know and I'll see what I can come up with. Have a great day.

Tink said...

Cute pictures of Olivia! I can't believe she's so big. And then I think Leighna is just as big and it blows my mind. She doesn't look big to me. I was in St. George on Monday too. I tried and tried to get a hold of mom so I could meet up with you, but she never answered. Maybe next time!