Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh My Gosh, It's Like, Totally Amazing!

So that those of you who are, like, DYING of curiosity will see it, I have like, posted my last post that I took off because the few people who read it, like, thought I was going to like, jump off a bridge or something. But then others of you were like, curious. So, like, I followed the example of, like, the truly great bloggers, and put it back up. Because, like, it's kind of like the human experience. And, like, sometimes you don't feel real great. But unless you're like, really struggling like in a hardcore way, you usually get over it in like, a couple of days. So I'm over it. Like, I totally feel like I am progressing again (versus regressing). Anyhow, I do that like, totally for you. And then, like, totally disregard it. Okay?! Okay.
Just a little thought I would like to send out to the universe: I know that it is totally okay to spell O.K. in a variety of ways. In fact, three ways that I know of -- O.K., OK, and okay. For my personal self, I will always choose the third option. I just feel "okay" looks more finished, and much more friendly. However; you (as you well know) are allowed to spell O.K. any old way that you want to. OK? Okay.
Guess what. I thought my keyboard was, like, totally broken (this whole "like" thing is really working for me today. I'm likin' it.) for a few days! I was so scared that I would never blog again. I thought that I would definitely have to make a desperation run to the local deseret industries for someones second hand keyboard. But nope! My handy husband fixed it. I was scared. But now I'm not scared anymore! 'Cause my keyboard is, like, totally fixed. Absolutely no cause to panic.
The whole reason I am posting today is actually amazing, and has nothing to do with the three above-mentioned items of business. Here it is:
As many of you know, me and the midgets like to go gallivanting once or twice a week, just to keep things real in the 'hood. Today was no exception. We went and did. It was pretty fun. I like my kids and I like all the people I see whilst out. When I got home, I was thrilled to open my gas bill and discover I only owed them .34 cents!!! It was a totally awesome discovery. I think I'm going to go all delinquent on that one, and just pay the .3 cent interest next month. AWESOME. But here's is the thing that is like, oh my gosh, like totally amazing! I opened my latest Ensign magazine, all the while thinking, wow, I really need to renew The New Era and The Friend. I'll get to that later. I ran into the bathroom to piddle and opened the a fore mentioned Ensign (yes, I piddle. So do you. It is my dream to make my daughter piddle in the potty, and I am not ashamed of that dream). The first presidency message looking interesting (I like to flip through the whole mag first, just to see if I'm gonna go in sequence or get wild and flip from story to story in no particular order). I like it when President Uchtdorf is large and in charge. He's very wise, and very handsome, as well. Of course, I like it when any of them are the message-giver (just wanted to clear that up). The next article was titled "Hope: The Misunderstood Sister." I thought "well, that's interesting!" and then I saw there was a poem to go with it. Of course, I read it, 'cause it was totally rockin' the free-verse. And I always love a little free-verse. And then I loved the poem so much, I thought: "I should tattoo this on my forearm!! Or at the very least, share it on my blog, because it is so amazing and inspirational to me!" So here you go. You should read it, too. Because to skim would be a sin in this situation (not scriptural, more a thought is all). Here goes:
By Larry Hiller

Faith walks before me,
Holding up her lamp
As I try not to stumble in the ink-
dark hours before the dawn.
Her light illuminates
One step and then another.
Beside me, Hope, arm linked
with mine, encourages and
Sometimes in the tedium,
Distracted by the pain,
My mind begins to wander, then
my feet. I hesitate.
Unsure, I look to Hope.
Her hand takes mine.
The touch reminds me of another
hand held out to me,
One pierced and scarred
Yet oh so tender
Lifting me and blessing me when
I had fallen and despaired.
I move ahead
Buoyed up by Hope, who sees
the end with perfect clarity.
I'll give you a moment. Wow, aye? I thought that was so beautiful, it lifted my little heart. So I thought to myself "Self, that poem was most appropriate for you to read today. Glad you read it." I turned a few pages and come to the question and answer section, and there, I start to actually laugh. Because here, my friends, is the question:
I love and am grateful for my young children, but I sometimes get distracted or discouraged by the practical details of raising a family and I struggle to remember what an important work it is. How can I better align my day-to-day actions and attitudes with gospel truths about family?
I kind of HAD to laugh. I haven't yet read the 'answer' section of that article. I more wanted to soak in the whole Ensign experience I had today. The moral of the story is this: Either the makers of the Ensign have been spying on me, or else the Lord knows all things and occasionally finds let-me-hit-you-over-the-head-dummy ways to tell his children (in this case, His daughter) that He is MINDFUL. I like that. I like that about the Lord. I like that about the Lord a whole whole lot. That makes Him MY Lord and God, not just THE Lord and God. Does that make sense? I am more then thankful for a personal relationship with that all important person in my life! So, I hope you have a great Ensign experience, too. Or just a good day. Or just a reason to think, "Hey, that cloud is really fluffy... I think it was made just for me!" 'Cause chances are it was.
I shall, like, totally close with three things that I like, totally, totally love today:
1) My new shorts that I got at Costco. A totally amazing length!!! I need ten more pairs of them. I'm going to start saving up my shekels, like, today.
2) The Minnie Mouse hat the adorable Riley gave to the adorable Olivia. It has not been taken off for two days straight. It is, like, radical. It makes me delusional and happy, like, maybe I'm in New Orleans Square right now. But maybe not. It's still really cute. I, like, totally love it.
3) My, like, totally amazing 'cuz the amazing F.C. Mary Dawn (also known as Cow Manure) will be moving BACK across the country to little old Utah. That raises my visitation rights by like, 900 percent. Go, visitation rights! Rahrahrah!!!
*I would like to give a special thanks to all those who read and put up with Valley Girl Marie today. It was really fun. Thank you.


Tara said...

Wow. What a post. I like totally loved it! I think the dream of having little miss Olivia piddle in the potty is a very noble dream to have! That one really made me laugh. Thanks for such inspiring blogging. I plan to get caught up tonight. Bransen has been rebelling the last few nights and Tim hasbeen stealing my computer. He however took Aiden and Kaylise to the father and sons so if Bransen cooperates I should get much accomplished right!? Did you get the email I sent a couple nights ago?

Tara said...

Sorry I forgot to attach the picture to the email. I sent it again with the attachment this time!! I have also been busy posting so you can take a look! I didn't realize it had been four days between posts. I apologize for depriving you. I know how it feels!!!;)

Ducksoup said...

where do i began. loved it. everytime i read your posts, i think that was the best post i've ever read. it was. you need to start putting ads on your blog. this will help you earn the shekels you need for more shorts (and i need to look for those so-called shorts my next costco trip). you are just such a little writer. i'm glad your keyboard is still functional. go ben! i'm glad you aren't going to jump off a bridge afterall. i'm glad you like the word like. i could go on and on but i loved this post and thank you for including me in your list of likes. 21 days and we are on our way! and guess what...i'm sending braden on a plane ride home with my mom and will not be with him overnight. hm, tina doesn't think i can do it. and guess what else, i had to purchase his airplane ticket. he turns 2 the 16th and they are flying home the 19th. i should have waited a few more days for induction. this airplane flight is costing me more money than his delivery :). well loved you reeser. thank you for being you. you rock. keep gallivanting and enjoying the 'hood. love yah fc!

Tina Williams said...

Marie - a side note to your blog post but do you think MD can handle dropping Braden off at the airport and then leaving . . . it should be quite a scene i do believe . . . You are cute. Mostly, just thanks for the realness. I could copy all of your posts and then add them to my blog and change a few names to make them match with my family and it would very much be a similar life. Hey, and on the running away note -- I think of that often myself -- I plan on running to Boston -- not sure why but seems like a good distance from reality -- and thanks for putting the post back up -- I tried and tried and tried to figure out why it said there was a post and why it was not anywhere to be found -- so you just solved one of life's great mysteries -- such an accomplishment and if you can use the word like a bunch does that mean I can put "--" between all of my thoughts? Have a good evening!

Tamari said...

I am glad you put your blah blah post back up. Roger told me something once that stuck, "This is your blog. Say what you want." I know that isn't scriptural or anything but it is true. The people reading it just have to deal. I think it is funny that people get so uncomfortable when true emotions are expressed. Of course it is good that people are concerned, but I am saying "Just let me vent or say what I am feeling at the moment for crying out loud!" So, there you have it. You can say anything to me, even in Valley Girl Speech, and I am here for you. Love you tons! :)

Tink said...

Marie....I also got my new Ensign yesterday and I flipped through it which I usually don't because I like to start at the beginning, but somehow I never make it to the end before the next one comes! I also felt like Heavenly Father was very mindful of me because there are 4 or 5 topics that I have been praying about or at least thinking a lot about! It was amazing! Great Poem! Great article about Hope! So, I concur! OUR Lord is mindful of us and He CARES probably more than we realize! Thanks for posting. You always say things way better than I ever could!

Tink said...

Thanks Marie for your comment! Sarah's mission is not accomplished YET...she was about to hold his hand...their fingers were touching...they were about to lace their fingers together...and Jon called and told her it was time for dinner!!! Ha Ha Ha! We are great plan spoilers! Such fun young romance!

TeamDall said...

That was very lovely and I also spell out okay. I hope my Costco has really long shorts, I'm in the market. I'm going to sign off now and go read my Ensign. Can't wait to see you, Auntie.