Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shazam! It's A Conundrum!!!

I am here to offer an update: I have maintained my retirement position, much to the detriment of my beloved house. Ben -- oblivious -- is slightly miffed. He thinks I'm just worn out. He doesn't realize I have transferred responsibility to him for the offended rooms to be cleaned. I think that realization will come in the next month or two (I've got to be strong! I've just got to!) Stand firm, women everywhere.

Also, I have been self-diagnosed with the swine flu. I was kinda sicky yesterday, and had to lay in my bed! Don't worry, I am well on my way to recovery. There is no cause for alarm. I tried to avoid others, and I watched a lot of movies. Sadly, I could not engorge myself with food, as tasty morsels didn't sound too yummy at the time. In fact, the delicious Corn Pops in my stomach right now are feeling a little unfriendly. Sad times, indeed.
I tried to find a picture I could post that looks like I do right now. This is pretty close. Not flattering, but I want my public to know the harsh realities of swine-fluiness. My hair is in exactly the same fashion, my face is in the same sad state of disrepair. The smile is a little too friendly. Turn the smile down a few degrees, imagine me in my "I have a black belt in crazy" shirt, and WA LA! Marie with the swine flu. I plan on being fully recovered by tomorrow.

In other, more limbo-ish news, Benjamin and I have found a house in La Verkin we will probably put an offer on, depending on our results from fasting this fast day. I am very torn on it. It is a house and yard that is awesome -- not new, but nicely cared with room to grow and tons of established yard for our children to go crazy in. It's the kind of house that would suit us well. It would be awesome! On the other hand, I'm kind of scared of actually buying it, I morally and emotionally can't leave our amazing neighborhood, and I would be like ten steps past devastated if I had to leave my calling. Hm. Ben said this morning after my restless sleep of nightmares that all those reasons are emotional and not legitimate in the long term. Then we had a scuffle. Then he went to work! Sigh. Men and Women. We are different. Who would have figured? Anyhow, I will let you know how this all develops.

Trina, thanks for making fun of me and coming up with this awesome title for my post. I am very fond of you!


Ducksoup said...

W.O.W! an offer on a house. that is too cool. i hope yours goes far better than mine. (oh and don't forget wuab title is the best title company around ;)) so if you decide to make an offer i need to see some pictures. this house hunting thing is going to well for us so i need to see someone else's excitement! and i wish you a speedy recovery from that blasted swine flu. and i love the picture of you and got even more excited that not only had you posted a picture of your beautiful face but indeed it was even at the cabin. so you rock and we need to hang out soon! i love you oodles. and seriously hope you get better soon!

bruthasofahsumnesss said...


Tara said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. It's good to hear from you despite the current condition you're in. That's exciting news about the house. Just think maybe the ward in LaVerkin is in need of a new YW's president and there is a reason for you to move there! Or maybe there will be something else challenging and exciting in a new way. Hurricane isn't too far away so I think you could still visit the old neighborhood often. Good luck with the fast and decision making.

Emily said...

awww. I wish you a most speedy recovery. I hate being sick. My baby has had a fever for a few days. Very sad!

Good luck on the decision making. If I had a neighborhood as cool as yours, I wouldn't want to leave it either, but who is to say they will all stay forever?? If you get the house make sure to post pics!! :-) Good luck with everything! Love ya!

Jen said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. My house advice is that if it speaks to you, go for it. (If you're the crazy house speaking type, like me, that is.)

The Farnsworths said...

You look absolutely radiant! Even if you do have the swine flu (so to speak). Way to stick it to the retirement...and congratulations on picking a candidate house!! I know...I feel your pain with leaving the wonderful neighborhood we live in...but also having the opportunity to finally own your own place and not have Color County on your back every few months.:) Good luck...I'm sure you'll make the best decision for your family whatever it may be!
Question: Where is said house?? Is it anywhere near our new abode?? It would be awesome to be the same ward again!:) It would make the pain of leaving a little more bearable...if you do get the house you want to put an offer on...anyway.:)

Tink said... IS a conundrum!!!! Go sister! I don't like your conundrum though. You know as well as I that our neighborhood cannot be matched, unless we all move to the same neighborhood in LaVerkin. LOL
I'm glad you're getting over the swine flu. I would hate for you to become a statistic!

Kamille said...

You know, if you live far away from me anyway, you may as well just move even further. Really. If you could put a little sanity into LaVerkin, you'd be doing the rest of us Southern Utah folk a favor. Truly. On an honest note, it is a huge decision to buy a home, but you are a good person who chooses the right. The Lord puts people who CTR in the right place at the right time to do and be the kind of people He needs us to be. That's how I got my house. I'm still working on the reasons I need to be here, but two of my new friends have all ready told me they "prayed [us] here." Just trust. xoxoxox