Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adventures In Wonderland

So I admit it, I came in to check my blog between cleaning duties. I am so addicted. And of course, I have spent a little more time here then I should have! But don't worry, karma is out there and the universe has justice. And here it is, in the form of my adorable, mischievous daughter. Doesn't she look beautiful with all that mascara?!
This is her rockin' out to a new song in the Livi music arsenal: "I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm a girl!" -- or, in direct translation, "I da giwl, I da giwl, I da giwl!" How can you not love this? (And thank you dear little Lacey, this nightgown is actually yours. It will be returned soon!)
"Watch this, Mom!"

Here we have K.J. entering the scene, because honestly, how could we really have any fun without him? Here is a demonstration of sheer brute strength -- forward lift:
And backward lift! Let me tell you, these are some talented children I have here!


Tara said...

Those are some awesome pictures. Blogging was worth it too! Besides it gave you something else to blog about right?!! I'm addicted to in case you hadn't already figured that out. I love that I've found someone else who is almost as crazy as me about blogging. It means I usually have something to read!! I get so frustrated by these people who don't post very often :)

Emily said...

sooooooooo cute!!!

Ducksoup said...

that mascara is so amazing. go olivia! i love her little facial expressions.

katie said...

She looks great! Too cute!!