Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Meritorious Award Of Honorable Merit

Award Recipients
It has come to my attention (I knew that comment box was for more then sheer entertainment value!) that I made a sorry mistake whilst writing about youth conference. I would like to thank the writer of the following comment for having the courage to address this painful topic:
"Such an amazing and descriptive posting about the wonderful youth conference you attended. Unfortunately it has been tainted by one omitted yet vital part of your journey. Who you may ask am I talking of? Let me tell you and your followers of one very unassuming man. This man, who risked his own life to save not only yours, but those lives of the other 13 people aboard this party van of which you talked. The driver who humbly put his life and temple recommend on the line, consuming unholy amounts of caffinated beverages in an effort to provide you with safe passage to and from the youth conference mentioned above. While you danced and enjoyed the party in the back, this man was as the front of a mullet, all business. I just knew as I valiantly fought sleep, nausea, shakes and a mild cardiac arrhythmia brought on by my desire for your safety,(possibly partly caffeine induced)that you would undoubtedly dedicate an amazing post to my courage and fortitude in the face of such a daunting task that I had selflessly undertaken. But to my great dismay not my name or picture mentioned above but that of my wife. Oh well as a great man once said, "I get no respect". Carry on with your blogging, but know in the back of your mind, it would not be possible without my help."
You the reader are surely as moved by this anonymous comment as I was, and you will be glad to know that I have now taken steps to rectify the situation.
I would like to award The Meritorious Award of Honorable Merit to Brother Derek Barney, who risked life, limb, and liver to get us to and from our destination. I have never seen such good humor, such authority yanking open the back door of a the party van to pull out an unruly youth, such tact whilst spraying cologne on unhygienic stinky kids, or such amazing tolerance for caffeine (I am talking Mt. Dew and at least 6 servings of energy drink here). You are, undoubtedly, the best Young Men's president ever. Thank you, Brother Barney, for keeping us alive and for being willing to pull over that extra time so I could get a soda pop. Thank you for bringing your wife who is totally awesome in every way. The success of the trip is all yours, buddy.
This humble pie post is dedicated to Brother Barney for courage and fortitude in the face of such a daunting task, so selflessly undertaken.


Tink said...

So true. He was brave when we all feared and laughed in the face of danger. Okay maybe not laughed, but he at least stared blankly face forward after the sixth serving of rock star and the ten millionth mile. Never a truer hero.

The Decaffeinated Chef said...

I'm flattered that you thought of me when you thought of your trip. I will gladly accept your unprompted thanks and praise on behalf of humble unnoticed 15 passenger van drivers everywhere. I feel it was truly an honor to carry many stinky boys (and a few girls as well) to their destination. Thank you again for acknowledging a humble driver such as myself...oh and thanks for acknowledging my wife twice now.

Tink said...

The above post by "me" at the top was actually not "me". When I started reading the comments I was supprised to see my name at the top. I thought to myself, "I just barely read it, how could I have commented?" So that was actually my hubby's comment. Just so you know. I just have to say, Yeah Brother Barney, thanks for keeping them alive!

Anonymous said...

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