Thursday, June 4, 2009

There's A Beatles Song For Every Occasion

I just love The Beatles. Over the last week or so, I have been watching/listening to The Beatles Anthology off and on whilst I clean and sporadically cook. Today the Kaje-miester and I had a little debate over which is better:

K.J.- Mom, why do you keep watching The Beatles?

Mom - 'Cause they are the best -- hello!!!

K.J.- No, Piglet's Big Movie is the best!

Mom - No way, dude. The Beatles!

K.J. - No way, Mom. Piglet!

Mom - Beatles!

K.J. - Piglet!!!

And so on and so forth. Of course, I won the battle, because I am bigger and a more effective tickler.
Lest you think him not a fan, you should know that both of my children are smarties and are therefore total groupies. It's just that you don't understand the incredible pull of Piglet. They will outgrow that (I'm pretty sure).
I really can't tell you what it is about those four lads from Liverpool that has made me love them so much and so long term. Of course, I love the music. Affects my innards or something. But I just find them so incredibly interesting.
By the time George Harrison was 26 The Beatles had conquered the world and were in the process of breaking up. I'm 26 and I'm in the process of watching The Beatles Anthology while I try to convince myself to cook dinner. Shall we say... Amazing? I think we shall. I truly think we shall.
I remember loving "Twist and Shout" as a child, so I suppose that was my first consciousness of them. By the time I was eleven and said Anthology aired on primetime over a three night period (the last night was Thanksgiving, so I didn't get to watch all of it -- I was at my Aunt Jan's) they had me hook, line, and sinker. I sat indian style in front of the television and felt my heart shatter as I watched them breakup. I was devastated. Truly. (The fact that all of this had happened thirty years before DID NOT soften the blow.) Later I found friends who also loved them and anticipated the day that George would drive through La Verkin and fall in love with me. Of course, a forty year age difference is no obstacle at all when true love is involved.
One funny incident: in the ninth grade I woke up on the anniversary of John Lennon's death feeling very down in the dumps and just not sure how I was going to perform in "The Music Man" that night. My parents tag-teamed me in the kitchen before breakfast and like the good parents they are, reminded me of the plan of salvation and encouraged me to think that maybe John has accepted that plan. And dangit, that got me through the day! Makes me chuckle.
I had little day calendars with Beatle factoids for each day. Want to know when "Please, Please Me" was released? Just ask me. I know all about it.
I got the huge Anthology book the Christmas I was a senior. I was thrilled, and very impressed with my parents, indeed. I thought I'd just get college stuff and they pulled that baby out of the bag! It was in that time period I discovered they weren't joking about the whole John and freaky Yoko nude-o album cover. Nobody wants to see that. Seriously. So I permanent markered a large square over the weird picture. Tally-wacker be gone!
Ben gave me the DVD set for our first anniversary -- and made it his mission to make sure I had each and every album. Seriously and truly a romantic man.
So now I'm legally an adult. And the love affair has not dimmed. I wrote essays on them in college english classes. I am writing a blog post about them now. Even though I know that we are not really friends, I still feel like they are my friends.
I don't listen to their music exclusively any more. In fact, sometimes a few weeks will go by before I go stare at the CD's and wonder which one I'll pull out.
But on days like today -- it's just nice to see their smiling faces and mop-top hair again.

And there really is a Beatles song for every occasion.


Ducksoup said...

i wish i knew as much about a subject as you do about the beatles. you are too funny about the whole thing. the story about your parents makes me laugh--telling you he'd accepted the Plan. Let's hope so! Maybe granny's teaching him now. so sorry about my blog posting slacking. i am not a very good multitasker and have been too busy packing boxes and seeing every last possible thing in michigan. but i am SUPER behind and will post away soon, maybe today...maybe two days ago (at least i told my mom i would two days ago). so i am going to get on it. i even went to download some pics from my camera only to find the camera cord is missing. hm, that could be problematic. i'm hoping it's not in one of the 20 boxes sitting in my garage. so you rock, and i only wish you were here. i'm about to head to lunch and only wish i was going to lunch with you. i know, this doesn't make sense, but maybe someday i'll explain myself :). love yah. you must be the greatest beatle fan of all time.

Jill said...

I've always been amused and amazed at your obsession with the Beatles. You and your Aunt Jan - but hey's she's of the era. I've always been relieved that you put your whole heart and soul into everything you do - and so it's not the Beatles exclusively. And - I'm so happy and thrilled and thankful that George never drove through LaVerkin and fell in love with you.... I much prefer Ben for a son. Besides - it would be too weird to have a son older than me! ;-)

The Farnsworths said...

I knew that you had an obsession....but I never knew where it rooted from. I'm envious that you discovered them at the young age that you did. I have fairly recently lit my glimmering facination with I was much older...and must say that I've never seen their anthology. But if I ever get the chance and time to, I would love it.:)
I must agree that there is a Beatles song for every occation and I am amazed at their talents. They make music that lasts and will touch generations of people...that is rare and phenominal.
So, I guess you can say that I encouraged your facination with Coldplay and I whenever I hear a Beatles song (that's enjoyed -which is all of them) I will always think of you.:) Thank you! I have yet to pick a favorite beatle...but if I had to choose today it would probably be Paul.

Tink said...

when was "please, please, me" release???? Just curious! I never really did get your and Jeana's obsession with the Beattles! I wish I would have! I enjoy the Beattles, just in smaller doses!

Jen said...

All you need is the Beatles.