Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vacation Nation!

So we didn't end up doing what we thought we'd be doing this weekend, but Benny Boy (the Double B, if you will) still has work off; therefore, we've decided to still make it a little exciting for ourselves. We have done many fun things, including but not limited to: sleeping, barbecuing with friends, the red Dixie rocks, dinner with both parents, cards, kissing, and yard projects. And it's only Saturday! I do plan on doing something TOTALLY wild on Monday ... I'm forcing my husband to a movie. IN THE THEATER!!! That's right, folks, if it happens a miracle will have taken place. Last movie together: Wild Hogs. I plan on popcorn and everything (I know, I have gone stark raving mad!). Tuesday will be the Double B's choice, because Wednesday marks the beginning of ... GIRLS CAMP. Soooo excited. Start anticipating that post now!!! Enclosed you will find some documentative (I think I just made up a totally awesome word) pictures to more accurately depict Vacation: Burdette Style.

In case I have failed to mention it, I have the best neighborhood ever. I am surrounded by some of my best friends, Benny Boy is surrounded by some of his best friends, and K.J. and Olivia are surrounded by some of their best friends! Best scenario ever. We like to barbecue occasionally, especially since that mostly acquits the womenfolk of cooking. Here you will see my sister Trina and buddy Shawna making vegetable preparations (pretend you're there, it will make it even more exciting!):
The next two photos are especially amazing. Liv and her cousin Leighna were having a slight physical dispute (nothing serious, no intervention needed) over the extra stroller. See if you can choose the winner. Was it ....

Or Olivia?

I love this picture, so I share it with you. The Double B hard at work at the barbecue, and Me, not working hard at all but liking the company.

And here is K.J., handcuffed by the local law enforcement. He was really scared, I think that is totally obvious!
Next in picture land I take you to the red rocks. They are over St. George and have a beautiful view of the city and temple, and about ten million paths you can follow. Ben and I had some wedding pictures there, but pathetically, this is the first time we have been back! It was a blast. The kids loved it, and so did we.
You should definitely know that Olivia hand picked her outfit for the occasion. She tried on about five different dresses before finding exactly the right one.

The two girls in the family waiting while Daddy and K.J. made slightly crazier climbs! (Although you should know, my sissiness level is going way down. I was quite courageous.)

Doesn't that leg up look AMAZING?

Here's something you will enjoy, and I admit many follies by sharing this tale, but what is a blog without honesty? So on the way back to the car K.J. ventured off a little on his own and I was kinda worried that he would get hurt going down a steep section on his own. So of course I was calling "K.J., come back here, you can't do that part by yourself!" Ben didn't seem too worried, and since K.J. headed off, too, I hurried down with Olivia, only to see K.J. emerge safe and sound on the other side. Willing to admit it when I'm wrong I said "Oh. Apparently you can." To which I hear Ben murmur to Kaje a little further down the trail "Wow, way to go, NEMO!" I'll pause now so you can all take that in. Ben smiled at me, I had to laugh but I also couldn't deny it. I'm Marlin. I gotta take a chill pill when it comes to my precious cargo. As The Double B reminded me later ... "You've got to let them go off the drop off, Marie. At some point, he's got to touch the Butt."
So here is a picture of me and my butt-touchers on the biggest rock of them all.

I close now sharing a picture of my honey and honey's parents around the campfire.
Don't you wish you were there?

Happy Sabbath, All!
And Happy Birthday to my Dad, who is the bestest, greatest, most wonderful Dad in the world. Definitely, definitely my favorite Dad. Love you, Daddy.


Emily said...

Looks like tons of fun!! Glad you had a good time! I love the whole Nemo lesson! It's a great thing to remember.

Tara said...

I loved all of the pictures. Ben looks so excited to be by the fire! Good luck with the movie tomorrow!

The Farnsworths said...

Too much fun! Sorry we missed the BBQ...but there is always next time.:) And Marie, I must say tha you look so breathtakingly beautiful! The picture with you and Olivia is lovely!

Kamille said...

I love a day off. I haven't had one of those with Spence for a long time. And BTW, you are a beauty, with your wind-blown hair and joyful smile. How great are you!!

katie said...

Cute pictures! I love the ones of Livvy and Leighna fighting over the stroller. The picture of Livvy is so cute! You can tell she is happy she won! Looks like you guys are having a fun summer!

Tink said...

We DO have such great neighbors, fun barbecues and great family! Sounds like you're enjoying your alternate vacation! I'm glad you're making the most of it! And you Do look beautiful! How do you do it???

Tara said...

so what's with the vacation from bloging? How did the movie go? Oh wait I just remembered you said you had girls camp this week. I'll try to be patient for a couple more days but I want to hear all about it!

Ducksoup said...

i can't beleive i just read this post almost one week later. what the heck. not enough blog time. loved it. loved the pics. so fun to see the family hike photos and a little bit of what you've been up to. so reese head i am in utah. please do come visit. we arrived last night at 11:00 PM after approximately 25 hour drive. yuck! we are sorta moved into ryan's house and i am super behind in blogging and am headed to powell tomorrow so probably won't get a post done anytime to soon. sorry, to much info for you. so love yah ree. can't wait to see you.