Saturday, June 6, 2009

What The Hmmm?!?

Daily Question:

So what happens when you should be preparing a lesson, or putting your children to bed, or loading the dishwasher, or at least cutting out handouts and instead ...
you think you'd better check your blog JUST IN CASE anyone posted,
and holy crow on KSL there was a picture of a crazy man in St. George who threatened to kill the president and for a few seconds you seriously think that is the husband of a used-to-be friend (it could happen, actually)
and then you go to your husband's facebook account to ponder all the people he is in communicado with, and for that matter ponder facebook itself and realize there are just way too many people you know who are totally scary for you to even consider doing something that crazy, or for that matter, ponder how facebook is too -- something -- for your pea-sized brain and you don't speak that language, anyway,
then you have to think about why you don't like this certain person, like really, what is your motivation with that, and do you need therapy or something,
and then you think about how you were flipping through your youthful journals earlier trying to find a great handwritten episode of a righteous example to show your girls but actually you realize you were pretty retarded back then and still might be so that's sort of questionable -- definitely nothing worth sharing with a group of hopeful youth -- and then you think,
'well, if I would just get off the computer I might be able to get something done,'
but quite frankly, if you got off the computer you would DEFINITELY have to finish preparing your lesson, put the kids to bed, and load the dishwasher ... and cut out handouts ... what happens? Hmmmm?

We shall all have to wait until tomorrow's episode for the answer!!!


Melissa said...

I'm totally laughing right now! I sat down to prepare my singing time and got sucked in too! I decided that I would just surf for a minute to find something good to do and then I decided I should post about Kendal's birthday. Now it's 10:55 and I'm still not ready for church tomorrow. Let's trade! You do singing time and I'll take care of your lesson. Oh, and reading journals from high school...not advised. I did it the other day and was completely embarrassed for myself. Good luck on the lesson, hopefully it goes better than I'm afraid mine will go!

Tink said...

What is this addiction called "blogging" I'm not sure I understand it myself, but I AM totally addicted!it's 12:19. we just got home from a movie, where I lost $40.00 and Jon is now frantically searching for it. So in the meantime I thought I would see if anyone posted...and my computer wouldn't turn on. I had to unplug everything 3 times to get it turn back what in the world is wrong with me? I think the universe turned against me but what did I do to offend it???

Happy News...Jon just walked in and he found the $40.00 under my seat in the theatre! Luckily he got back in! He had to pound on the door for awhile 'til he got someone's attention! Sweet Man! I'm so glad he's home!

Ha ha...I just decided this should be my new post so I posted it! Lucky you, you get to read it twice! :-)

Ducksoup said...

reeser you are hilarious. i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one addicted to my computer. my only problem is sharing the thing. we need two computers. i hear of people who don't even have internet and i think i'd die - - or maybe it would just be a good thing. hmmm...then i'd have to be way to productive. and don't you just hate emptying the dishwasher. i think it's one of the most painful chores, probably because i have to do it so often. i hope your lesson went well! i'm sure it was fabulous. love yah!

Kamille said...

I appreciate the fact that I'm not the only one who has this constant narrative running through my mind. You just happened to put pen to paper about it. Nicely done. I may have to do a post like that sometime.