Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Ties

Just a few pictures of my awesome family as we gathered at Uncle Craig and Aunt Mary Lou's cabin:

Tink and Porter
Olivia and her Aunt 'Silvee.' I love how Livi has her hands wrapped around Sil's.
Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles sitting around FOOD -- our own personal language of love -- and visiting and laughing. Way fun.
My radical Mom with my Great Aunt Dot. She is my Granpa K.J.'s little sister, and has always shared a lot of love with our family! I loved feeling the extra love and strength from my Aunt Dot and Great Uncle Gord Hansen this year. They seemed to put an extra arm around us!
Leighna sustained an injury, but it was pretty awesome to see the Princess Brigade escort her back to her mom. Livi and their second cousin Mia happily led her back to safety!

I love my family so much! I am so thankful for a legacy of love which we can strengthen and nurture through commitment and time. They are my cousins and my dearest friends!
The Ute Stampede was great this year. It always is!
Harder then I imagined, I cried for my friend Granny in Reed's, Food Town, the parade, the cabin, and around the fire. But I know she and my Grandpa were aware of what we were doing and were proud and happy. I thought of the Spirit of Elijah -- my heart is turned to my fathers and mothers -- and I know their hearts are turned to mine. Pretty awesome!

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Marie Loves Ben said...

rieser, did i change your background to blue or did you do that? sorry, i forgot to tell you that you just have to click on the shrink to fit box when you are uploading your header. oops! so let me know if it's okay. i also took the box border away so it's not behind your header but if that's your preference i can switch it back. just let me know. liked the pics. wish i could relive those days yah know. i am with yah on Granny! She begged me to come last year and I didn't and this year it was too late. Hm. What do yah do, huh! Love yah. And you don't owe me anything. Remember that one night when I was trying out for Miss Juab for the 18th time and you went with me to the high school the entire night - - like 8 hours or something. I owe you many more headers to come! love yah tons!