Sunday, July 5, 2009


I don't belong to a political party. Did you know that about me? I don't believe in them. And the fact that my husband actually carries a card that says he joined a party -- !!! Sigh. But I love him anyway. I just believe in America. Our history is what makes me love all history, and the history of our founding is what makes me love our history. Men and women of greatness! That is what we are built upon. James Madison, I pledge my heart to you. John Adams, you know I am your loyal and slightly rabid fan forever. George Washington, wish I could have been there in the St. George temple to see your great spirit rockin' it for all those others to have their work done. Sacajawea, you are my 2nd grade hero. I am proud of my grandfathers and father-in-law for being part of the Greatest Generation and fighting for our freedoms. I salute you, America!
I thoroughly enjoyed Independence day. It was always a total blast when I was a kid, and now I love watching my own children enjoy it, and watching them figure out how to place their little hands over their own hearts. I love hearing K.J. recite the Pledge of Allegiance! "One nation, in-di-vibbible." That's right, buddy. That is right. So here I offer a short pictorial essay on the 4th of July, Burdette Style (so you know it's gonnaa have flair!):

Oh, La Verkin Parade. You are the greatest parade of
Hurricane Valley.
Thank you for the accordion float -- that was the best one!
Papas, Unca' Neek, and Addie Mae. The anticipation is palpable!!!

Who doesn't enjoy dancing to a little patriotic music.
I know we do!
I love that my kids are holding hands.
I am blessed!

The swimming pool at Grandma's!

The very funniest part was watching Olivia the Daredevil flying all over the place and jumping back up out of the water with the biggest, happiest smile on her face.

Later in the day Grandma and I took the kids to see "Up" while the menfolk went and saw "Transformers 2" (I always want to scream "More then meets the eye!" when I say the word transformers). It was so courageous of us. The two little girls were actually the best by far! We all loved "Up." Soooo cute.
Livi and Leighna being ten steps past tender and adorable.

The annual neighborhood barbecue. Fun as usual, with a few perks -- like the bottle of dental numbing solution brought by "the bad kids." It was exceptionally entertaining to watch others fall victim to the numbing power.
I will testify to the power of the numbness because I put just a tiny dab on my tongue and the whole tip was numb for a good half hour! Imagine my joy when I got Jon to slather it all over his lips and kiss his own wife. Joy. Hilarity. But don't worry, she got him back. Visit to find out how. Proud of ya, Trin. For that matter, proud of you, too, Jon!
Trina, Porter, and Jon post pucker.

Fireworks were last and were in no way a let down. K.J. screamed like a girl when he held a sparkler, delighting those who witnessed it. I'm just amazed they got him to hold it in the first place!
Who IS that incredibly cute child in all her glow stick bracelets glory?

All in all, a great Independence Day. I salute you, America!!!

P.S. I am currently reading a new series called "The Mortal Instruments." I am on book one, or shall we say ('cause this is it's title so I think we shall) City of Bones. Most interesting. It is a Y.A. novel, so already a little past my maturity level. I'll let you know what I think. But so far, I am liking it and am totally ready to call myself a "shadowhunter." That's right. I am a warrior.


The Decaffeinated Chef said...

I knew I had detected some unsavory individuals at the BBQ. I wondered all night why they had even been allowed to come. There has to be some law about "those" kind of people, too bad the cop we invited bailed early so he didn't have to help clean up.

Tink said...

Rie. I want to blog like you! Your writing is so entertaining. You just know how to say things with flare! I'm with Mary Dawn, you need to be a writer and write us a novel!!! I enjoyed our 4th also, but a major part was spent stressing. The barbecue was awesome though, as always!

katie said...

Looks like fun!!

Ducksoup said...

wish i was as good as a history buff as you. grandpa sperry would be proud of you for having such knowledge. you are adorable. and you make my day each and everytime you blog. how i am related to such a cool cousin i have no idea. but your children are also adorable - - holding hands and all. love it. love you reeser. can't wait to see you soon! oh, and we can definitely make you a header for your blog!

Tara said...

I loved this post and the link to go with it for the revenge story. Tim and I were laughing pretty hard. Sounds like you guys had a great time!