Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's Not Kiss In Each Others Personal Space But Say We Did, Okay?

Personally, I am pretty darn sick of the masses telling me how cruel, hateful, and intolerant I am. I love to be L.D.S., and I am proud to follow a Prophet of God, even if you don't like it and would rather we just go away so you can flush families down the toilet.
I say this nicely:
Get a grip.
Look, you know it bothers us, right? Not that YOU bother us. You don't, not at all. Your public make-outs bothers us. Not that YOU have cooties. Not that we don't like YOU. I'm sure you are cootie-free. Just that we feel differently about things then you do, and we've both got to learn to accept and respect our different feelings. Respectfully.
Not Media Slander Machine to Silent Kicked Dog.
I'm not ashamed of feeling differently then you do. Quit trying to make me feel that way. It won't work, but you're stirring the new mob pot for both sides, and I don't like it.
Here's my thing: I like to think of myself as a tolerate person. I'll bet you love to think of yourself that way, too. It's cozy for us. It's just how I was raised. You too? Great. I know and love many people who are exceptionally different from me. I don't disregard their feelings, say they don't have them, or try to explain or shame them away. Darnit, I'm friendly here! Almost all of us are.
Get a grip, that's all I have to say. I honestly, from my heart, do not want to hurt you. I just feel differently then you do. I don't want to take your rights. And I won't let you take mine.
Could we have a friendly revolution or something? Any takers? .... Anyone?


Jen said...

This post makes me feel like saying, "This is AMERICA for Pete's sake!" Not sure why, but there you have it.

Tink said...

Satan is getting a pretty good hold on the hearts of the people. It's so evident. Why, can't people see the traps he's making them fall into. SO SAD!

Ducksoup said...

you have a way with words. i love it. you should be on national television as a voice for us all!