Friday, July 31, 2009

Morning Study

This morning as I sat at the breakfast table drinking my delicious Carnation Instant Breakfast and reading my Ensign, I had the distinct delight of having Miss Olivia bring me her three blankies and her own Ensign to look through as she sat on my lap. We had a great discussion. It went like this:

"Jesus! Look, is Jesus Chwist. Where's a Joseph Smiff? Oh, there's a Joseph Smiff! Mom, you know Heav-ee Fawfer looking over me? You know Jesus loves me so much? Jesus loves you, too, Mommy!"

I could just kiss those Nursery teachers. Kiss them!

She then shut her Ensign, gave me a kiss, and ran to get her swimming suit. Just for style. You know.


Kyle & Alicia said...

SO cute! She is so smart! I need one of those(a cute baby).

Ducksoup said...

that is the cutest thing ever. i'm pretty sure her mother has something to do with her knowing heavenly father loves her! we need you to come and spend lots of time at our house. so great seeing you. was so fun having a late night party on friday and a shopping spree on saturday. love yah rie!