Thursday, July 16, 2009


1. K.J. got his hair cut. When Mom is in charge, he looks like a Beatle, when Dad is in charge, he looks like a Marine. He looks like a Marine today! (A cute, cute Marine).
2. I'm going camping. Camping just is not cute at all. I'll do a lot of things in the name of love, let me tell you that.
3. After this summer, I may never -- NEVER -- camp again. We shall reconvene next summer to see if my feelings have changed. NEVER!
4. The other night, I felt like popcorn in a super bad way but we didn't have any. I was watching 'Twister' while folding clothes and I thought the Double B was at the computer, but he wasn't! He had escaped -- sneaky, sneaky -- and came in a few minutes later with a bowl of fresh ranch-flavored popcorn and a big refill cup of Caffeine-free Diet. It was soooo ... romantic. Write this down, Men. Women LOVE those little acts of love. It essentially said "You matter to me. And I don't care if you get fat from eating this whole bag of popcorn at 11 at night, or if I disagree with your drinking habits. I care. Your munchies concerns concern ME." Ah. Let's make out later, Ben. Maybe after camping.
5. This same Double B and I had a disagreement yesterday while I was unloading the dishwasher and he was heating lunch for the children. I suspect we both wanted to microwave the other. But we didn't! And we didn't just end in silence, either. We waited for a minute and then calmly reached a conclusion. I felt we were very mature. Ben and I are not fighters. We've never yelled at each other and really, we don't get very heated ever. But that can sometimes lead to something even scarier -- the cone of silence! But we totally handled it. Solved! Shazam! Let's make out later, Ben. Maybe after camping.
6. My friends Tara and Tim made time in their extensive, exhausting trip to fit in the Burdette's! It made me feel special. Thanks for letting me see you, guys! It was way fun. Your children give a whole new definition to the word "Cute."
7. That's pretty much all I have to say.
8. In case you didn't catch it, I am going camping. Campariffic Marie, that is what you may call me. I'll see you on the flip side.


Paulette said...

That is very romantic!! Way to go, Ben! Isn't it grand when things go well and you can work out any disagreements you may have! Communication is key! Good for you...and have fun camping! Will you be using my cot again??:) Just so you know, I don't mind one bit...I would be happy to know that my cot is making my friend's camping experience a little more comfortable!:)

Tink said...

Man, if you are NOT a camper after this summer, you never will be! Happy Camping!

Jen said...

I think camping is like childbirth. The body secretes a magic hormone that makes you forget the anguishes and remember only the joys, so you are willing to do it again even though in the throes you are thinking NEVER AGAIN!

Ducksoup said...

loved it. let's make out later, ben! greatest line ever. can i be creative like you someday. really, you are hilarious. it's amazing we are cousins considering my humor. so glad ben got you popcorn. loved reading number 4 and 5. you are just so real. so you. so awesome! love yah rie. have a good one. and guess what...we have two houses to go look at. isn't that awesome. but i might be yah a million dollars i'll leave the houses saying, "shoulda bought the lunts house". usually happens each and everytime but i'm hopin' one of these days i'll say "good thing i didn't buy the lunts". maybe tonights the night, but don't get your hopes up. have fun camping. i feel for you. girls camp was my last experience and i tried to avoid it like the plague. so props to you for being a good wife and going. hope you and the double b have fun making out after camping.

Kamille said...

I'm pretty sure that camping is not my favorite thing. I'm the kind of camper who likes to be pretty and have clean fingernails. Maybe that's why assisting in surgery works for my life. Who doesn't look pretty covering their hair, eyes, face and body with sterile items? It's good times. I do love a good bonfire, though. And s'mores. But I think it's still legal to enjoy both of those things without actually sleeping in a tent without running water and a real bathroom. I could never have been a pioneer. I would've desired a Radison. Does that make me a lame spice member of the church? The church is true! I promise!