Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wimp Tales

You know how hotdogs at home are kind of smallish? What happens when your mouth is so sore from the evil dentist that you can't even open your mouth wide enough to shove the little dog and bun into your pie-hole? Starvation? AM I GOING TO STARVE?!?!?

Panic averted.

I did go to the dentist today, and it was so very painful. Like on the "Various Pains One Could Experience In Life" Scale, it was probably a 1.8. But I was feeling sissy-like today, and I was numb everywhere but where he was using his jack hammer, and it felt like a 9. I went in at 8:57 this morning and thought when I got out of that chair it was at least 12:30 and I was so resilient. Imagine my surprise when I walked out in my greasy-haired glory (I just couldn't get myself to leave the warm coziness of sharing a bed with my total hottie-ma-tottie [whom I also happen to love, by the way, and we are bound to each other in the eyes of God and man. Therefore; totally legal], so I kept pressing snooze and thereby forfeited my rights to a hair washing), climbed in my car and it was only 10:10. Shocking, in fact. Reaffirming, also, that I am the World's Most Special Wimp. I went and moaned in the extra chair in my mom's office, though, and she told me she was going to beat the dentists from Reader's Digest up. That was nice. I might have her beat my dentist up, too. Normally we are best friends, my funny dentist and I, but not today. Sadist.

I'm concerned. I fully plan on eating a horrific and frightening amount of junk food this weekend at the UTE STAMPEDE. Reed's, here I come. Do you think the inability to open my mouth will threaten this coming happiness? Quick, all of you! Send happy thoughts my way.

It's my running time, but I am not running. I want to call you, Melissa, but I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself. But I promised myself I would run three times this week. I'm not being truthful with myself. Hm. "To thine own self be true..."

Does this make me a liar?

Let's still be friends, Melip.

I want to be a good blogger. I was reading another blog for like hours, 'cause I wanted to and Ben is off today and he's still in his undies so I allowed myself to. And I got thinking. I want to be an awesome blogger. But I just gotta be me. And I wasn't gonna post today, but I was inspired by this frequent poster I was reading, and as my yucky hot dog rotated in the microwave, I thought, I shall post. Edifying, I am sure.

I also thought about becoming a vegetarian for about two and a half minutes today.

I don't think that's going to happen, but seriously, I should eat meat much more sparingly. I'll start doing that. After this weekend. 'Cause it's the UTE STAMPEDE!!!


Ducksoup said...

i'm sending happy thoughts your way. hopin' your mouth gets feeling better soon. and i think i must be the biggest sissy on the planet when it comes to the dentist. so you can at least know you aren't the sissiest of all. so when are you coming up? i haven't ran once this week. sometimes you just gotta have a break :). love yah

Philip said...

Here's my happy thought. :-) I was so going to run when I got in Nephi, Sarah and I even talked about it, but it didn't happen. Now it probably won't because by the time the rodeo is over it will be too late. And it's the Ute Stampede and lots of creepy people are around. I hope your mouth feels better by the time you get up here! I hope so!

Melissa said...

Maretard, we will always be friends...forever! Just thought I'd let you know that it's a good thing you didn't call because I was fast asleep in my warm comfy bed, and I wouldn't have been your best friend if you had woken me up! :o) So, lets try again for next week!