Monday, July 6, 2009

'Cause You Just Have To Hear It

So today, as magical a day as any other, had a few highlights that must be shared. They are SCREAMING to be shared!

1) Olivia now thinks she is the s.c.a.r.i.e.s.t. human of them all. She will jump out at you, roar ferociously, and twiddle her fingers in a menacing claw-like stance. Of course, the fact that this new action makes me and the Kaje-meister laugh hysterically may enhance her scariness ego. But it's worth it. If only you could see it. She won't show her Dad, though. She sat next to me on the counter while I told him about it, daintily wearing her Disneyland Cinderella dress and coyly batted her lashes, and then said "rarr" in her sweetest little voice. No wonder she holds the power in this house.

2) I admit I spent most of the day reading "The Mortal Instruments" and am now horrified that I only bought the first book and didn't buy all three! I mean, I have been hunting demons and vampires all day, I just found out the boy I have a serious crush on might be my brother, and my Dad is the bad guy! Can I really stop here!? Sheesh.

3) Whilst I was reading, K.J. went into Livi's room and came running out shouting and bouncing in horror. "Ack!! Mommy!! Livi pooped her bed! She pooped her bed!!! I saw something brown, so I smelled it, and it was poop!!!"

still. laughing.

Come on, I know you're laughing, too. He hopped around for a really long time, and REALLY wanted me to come see and smell. I told him that when I see something brown and suspicious, I don't smell it. I just assume it's poop and act accordingly.

The Double B totally handled the situation.

4) After a rousing lesson on "Loving Others" for Family Home Evening (that new Nursery handbook is the bomb-diggity in home evening lessons, I highly recommend), the kids had the option of ice cream cone or walk. Impressively (and I gotta say discouragingly), they chose a walk! Daddy-O was in charge on this walk, and he decided it would be awesome to walk to Lin's for milk, then loop around the new Elementary school on our way home. Now, normally the Burdette's take long walks, but this was a little extreme. I map-quested it, and it is 1.69 miles to our house, then add an extra .5 mile to the 1.69 on the way back. Which is awesome. Good workout, I'm proud of us. But I still had to go running! (Let's be honest: in my case, a slow jog that I like to call running 'cause it makes me feel good about myself.) You will be proud to know that your humble blogger again ran five laps STRAIGHT. That's right. Just give me the purple heart now. National Anthem, please?

Everyone, please put your hand over your heart.

5) When I came home, I filled my water glass and came and sat down to visit with you. It's always nice to be together again!


The Farnsworths said...

I was disappointed to not hear the runaway stroller running into my parents car story. It was a good one.

Tink said...

Laughing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to deal with poop! At least Leighna's was outside! I'm with you though, if it's brown and suspicious, for heaven's sake, DON'T SMELL IT!!! Sounds like a pretty fun day. I wish I lived at your house, no wonder my kids always want to be over there! I'm just boring I guess!

Ducksoup said...

woo hoo. you are a little runner! you ran way more than i did yesterday! awesome job. and you walked way more than i did too. so you rock and i need to get moving :). and how did you convince the double b to clean up livi's mess? that would never be the case at our house. so when are you coming up. i need to see you. i can hardly wait. and i wish i was caught up on my blogging like you are. love yah!

Ducksoup said...

i love the new name of marie loves ben. so cute! what a creative FC you are.

Kamille said...

You walked then you ran? Was there a dog chasing you? Are you training for the marathon? Are you just plain nuts? OK, I run, too. But never for the fun of it. Seriously.

Jen said...

Dear Marie,

I just love you.