Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Courage, Brethren!

Tonight I almost had an emotional breakdown at McDonald's. By breakdown of the emotional variety, I mean -- I almost threw myself prostrate across the ground and wailed. Hysterical, hiccup-like sobs. I probably would have kicked my legs, too, if I'd given in to the temptation. All because of one little event:
Back To School Night.
I held it together like a total pro, let me tell you.
We were prompt, attentive, I would go so far as to say we were down-right delightful.
The princi-pal seems so fun. Our kindy-garten teacher is so nice, and seems so very put together. The Kaje even talked to her.
Let me tell you, I was an enthusiastic and supportive parent.
The Double B couldn't go, because he had a higher calling ... softball. But, you know, he wished us luck.
As if we needed it!
So in celebration of the last night of our lives as we know it, I let the midgets pick what we would do for fun.
Being wise, they selected a Slurpee (okay, a slushy, but whatever) and dinner at Mickey-D's.
Being awesome, I let them.
So there I sat on my triangle-shaped stool, watching my offspring frolic, and reflecting upon the evening and what tomorrow brings and all the school days thereafter.
And suddenly, I got that feeling! I put my head in my hands for minute, just long enough to say "Dear Lord, this is the church lady again" and offer up my little prayer on being brave enough to let go -- just a little bit, after all, this is only Kindergarten.
Deep breathes, Marie. Deep, deep breathes. He will be fine. You will be fine! We will all be fine. Planet Earth will keep rotating. You will love watching him grow and develop! This is amazing that we have reached this point. Way to go to Back to School Night, you excellent parent, you.
Tomorrow will be awesome! School Rules!

P.S. Attendance Policy be darned. We're still sluffing to go to Disneyland if we need to!


Kamille said...

We are sluffing to go to Disneyland, too! When is the best time to go? It's supposed to be our Christmas, so should we go just after school gets back in session in January? Or before Christmas? What do you think oh wise and thoughtful one?

Tara said...

Congratulations on holding it together. Aiden doesn't start until Sept. 3rd so I still have a couple days before that moment comes for me. I'm a bit nervous. Kaylise will go to two days of preschool as well. I think I might fall apart.

Jen said...

You're just rockin' this whole school thing!

Ducksoup said...

rieser i can't beleive i am reading this post and you have already sent little Kaje off to kindergarten. i do apologize i wasn't able to wish you goodluck. i hope things went well. and i really need to hear how it all went. i'm also glad to hear your thoughts on such a tramatic event in your life cause i'm pretty darn sure i'd feel the exact same way. only i'd probably have a full on temper tantrum.