Monday, August 31, 2009

He's Just A Mad Genius

Today was Kindergarten testing for the Kaje-Meister.
And he is a genius.
Okay, well, that is a little bit ... like a ... Mother statement.
But he was kicking trash! His teacher was very impressed. I was, too!
He's a smarty. And. I. Gave. Birth. To. Him.
Rock on!
She said he tested as well as a lot of kids do at the end of the year. What a smarty pants!
Thank you for listening to me talk up my son. I will probably do it again.
The End.
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Tink said...

Yeah KJ! He is a mad genius! I have always been impressed with his knowledge. That comes from a smart mother!!!

Ducksoup said...

you are funny. i love your way of bragging - - and you have every right too!

Tara said...

and you should. Kids need to be told they are doing great and especially from their mother. You must be a genius too to have raised him so smart. Way to go.

Ducksoup said...

dear marie loves ben:
i am going to post soon,
thanks to your letter.

hopefully tonight or tomorrow.