Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Before Lights Out

I don't speak French.
I don't even want to speak French.
I would say that of all the languages I could learn how to speak,
French would be the last one
I would ever attempt.
It's just so obnoxious.
That's probably 'cause you put it in front of me and it's just gibberish.
Doesn't make sense at all.
And doesn't even sound good.
Just annoying.
Those French.
They think they're so much better then us
Or at least that's what I've thought
since George W. Bush
wanted to go to war
and they just didn't.
They called us names,
hurt my feelings.
I was all about the
Freedom Fries,
'cept it took too much effort to change a lifetime
of calling those valuable little sticks of goodness
I would learn Portuguese.
I'd like to do that,
'cause it just sounds so magical.
And my favorite Brazilian makes it sound so delightful
so I was thinking
that speaking Portuguese
might be something
that I might want to do.

Watching my little son
act all shy with his new Kindy-garten teacher
(whom he just met today, and she seems so very wonderful)
was pretty funny.
I tried to push him off my arm, you know?
Get him to speak.
Even though I would have just gathered him in my lap
and snuggled him there forever.
She said it was pretty obvious
that he is the oldest child.

My daughter
spends half her time
absolutely Angelic
and the other half
wind and fire.
This can get confusing but is also fun,
I gotta admit.
She is potty-trained by the way!
It is just so thrilling.
All except the occasional
I just don't know if she'll ever get that.
Is it so wrong
if she grows up a pants-pooper?
I guess I'll leave that up to her own agency.

I love having friends.
I really do.
Friendships, old and new,
They are such an incredible blessing.

I have decided,
I am going to stop being a spaz.
Time to face those fears
and just live my life.
Not that I don't live my life,
just that I let the strangest, silliest little things stop me
from LIVING!
Do you know what I mean?
Maybe you don't, but maybe you do.
So from now on,
I will go see the doctor when I need to,
and plan on him NOT telling me I have cancer.
I'm going to stop being afraid of what I might lose, and just focus on what I might
I will seek opportunities to push myself just a little faster, farther, harder.
I will stop putting myself in a box,
just 'cause it's safe.
And dammit, I plan on riding in an airplane, too.

And yes, I said dammit. I felt it, baby.

P.S. When you say dammit without the N, it's almost like not swearing at all.

I love my Mother.


Tara said...

You could ride in an airplane to come see me!! I even have an extra bed at my house and I sometimes cook good food. :) I loved your post. Aiden was surprisingly good when we went to meet his teacher. We'll see what happens when we go in for orientation in a couple weeks. It depends on the day with him. Sometimes he is very shy and other times very friendly and outgoing. I feel like a slacker not posting so often and I still have so much of the trip to catch up on. I've been feeling kinda crummy lately and not in the mood to do anything. Hopefully I'll get out of the slump soon. It's rather bothersome. Thanks for posting. Have a wonderful day.

jonnycake said...

I found several examples of poor grammer. And four misspelled words. Despite these huge mistakes it was still a good read.

Ducksoup said...

rieser i cannot wait for that airplane ride i just heard you talk about. in fact, i'd like to be on the plane for your first ride. we should fly to hawaii or something. you know, that would be worth getting on an airplane for. so your post was awesome. little kaje going to kindergarten and livi pooping her pants. i admire your patience. you act so calm about the whole thing. and i think i may start using that dammit word too :)