Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Karaoke, Anyone?

Summer time is the best, don't you think?
My little family just attended our 900th family reunion -- this time with the Hansen side of the Fam -- and we are not even done with the family gatherings of love! That's right, people. One more to come. Just wait for it!

But in order to make a long-ish and fun-ish adventure short, I have included just a few pictures for all of our viewing pleasure. 'Cause don't you just feel you came right along with us? You lucky ducks, you!

My fabulous Aunt Jan has a karaoke machine that brings a lot of joy with it every time we see it -- 'cause if anyone knows how to burst out in riotess song, it is us.

His excellency, my brother Matt.
My partner for a rousing rendition of "The Love Shack!"

Sing it, baby!

Even better! My Uncle Craig (who has rocked my world by revealing his true party-animal self) and my great-Uncle Gord singing "Achy-Breaky Heart." Wish you were there!

And here are our youngest performers, Leighna and Livia.
You think they didn't sing?
Oh yes, they sang.

It sounded like this:

I know what you're all thinking: "Why? Why wasn't I born a member of that family?!?"
Understandable, really.
I mean, I feel your pain.

The best I can do is offer you visitation rights -- but visitation rights you have, my friend.
Visitation Rights you have.


Tara said...

Where are the videos? looks and sounds like fun! Sorry about the decision thing. it's always hard when there are big decisions to make and you can't agree. best of luck.

Tink said...

Our girls are young artists in the making! You and Matt need a stage so you can entertain us all day! And Uncle Craig....well...kareoke wouldn't be the same without him....reminds me of myself really, only he's a lot braved than me!

Paulette said...

You and Jon are groovin'! I wish I could have been there to experience the fun! I love the blue shirt you are wearing. It looks very good on you!

Ducksoup said...

and no closing date for our house yet but we are crossing our fingers. i even dreamt last night we closed on it but woke up to realize i was only dreaming. so i'll keep you posted :)

Ducksoup said...

absolute sweetness. how in the world did i miss you and matt singing? was that before i arrived? i don't know but i'm pretty sad about the whole thing. the picture of your girls are so cute. i totally loved my dad and uncle gord singing - - pretty cute and kinda funny in a way. you know what i mean. love yah f-cer!

Tink said...

You're pain ads are hilarious!

Jen said...

I am deeply disappointed to have missed this spectacular spectacle

Cory Reese said...

"Love Shack" should be illegal. And singing it at karaoke may deserve a felony.

I'll forgive you. Eventually.