Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sentimental Journey...Part One

Now that we are totally school pros, I am now fully ready and excited to share our family pictures from the first day of school!
Here we are getting ready to head out the door.
Try getting a school picture of K.J. without Olivia.
Nearly impossible! It just can't be done!
Well, it can be done...
you just have to straight arm the little sister!
*Straight arm with love, mind you*
Isn't he a handsome boy?

I love how sweet and nervous he looks! This is right after he took his seat.

I was so brave. You wouldn't even believe it!

I left him in the classroom with a hug and a kiss, walked out of the room,

took a few steps down the hall, and... stalled.

Wait. They want me to leave the school? What?

But I did it.

Olivia felt about as happy about it as I did!

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Ducksoup said...

i am so proud of you rieser. way to go! i always knew you were the brave type. i just had a flashback of the hospital when you were really brave - - you know the story. makes me sortof nervous since my history shows woos through and through, how will i ever leave braden for kindergarten. and by the way k.j. looks adorable. looks so grown up and cute sitting in his chair. and poor livi. really sweet in a way. love yah!
p.s. i'm glad you've posted about this finally. tina was asking me yesterday why you hadn't posted about it yet. what would it be like to be as cool as you anyway!

Jen said...

Grace went to pre-school yesterday. I was totally cool. Then I got home, and Henry went down for his nap. And I was alone. And I felt it.

Emily said...

Good job for keeping it together. I cried with Kaylee. Now that I am more used to kids being gone I was ok with Toby....sometimes it is still hard. I miss them a LOT when they are gone. Cute pics!! Kindergarten RULES!!!

Kamille said...

He is a dolly. I love that little Olivia was sad about leaving big brother, too. Good stuff.

Tink said...