Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad News Bears

The Double B loves to play softball.
Last night brought to a close his 2,987th softball season.
He first joined a team when the Kaje was a baby, and we have been watching faithfully ever since. A couple of seasons ago (there are several 'seasons' in a year) he switched teams and joined my brother's team. They have had a great time together. Especially when they win!
This season, they didn't have the greatest time. (Just bein' honest).
Things have been abnormal here in the C league. But our team just keeps on trucking! Even though they left the season with a record that looked something like 2-463. That's okay, you know? 'Cause it's all about the fun. Just fun. Here we have a look at our "Bad News Bears" season. May it lift you and inspire you, much like 'Rudy' would.

The Double B after a solid thwack! Run, B, run!
I made a new best friend. He even held up my 'go team' sign and cheered with us. He was totally cracking us up! I love this man. I hope him and his Team Mexico won their game! I talked about him for so long The Double B said I should name him my B.M.F. -- my Best Mexican Friend. Isn't that hilarious? Oh, Double B...

The Double B at first base. Catch it, B, catch it! Of course, he did. He looks like a majestic antelope out there (nice, huh?)!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. We lost. Not bad, but bad enough not to win. The Double B took it hard. He has a little flaw in his personality that makes him personally blame himself for the whole teams loss. This can kind of drive me a little ... crazy. Especially on the long... drive... home. Poor Double B.
You know what's kinda funny? I have fun at these games, win or lose. I just like to go and visit with my homeys and also make a fool of myself while cheering. Call me crazy. I just like to have fun. So I do. Regardless.
I had to take a minute during the post-game show to honor my children for their incredible ability to blow any cleanliness they once had out of the water at events like these. What is it exactly? Is there a dirt magnet lotion they rub all over themselves? What could it be?
Cute, aren't they.
So although this season of softball didn't go quite as desired, we learned a lot of really valuable things. For instance: we learned to keep going every Wednesday even if there is absolutely no possibility whatsoever that you are going to win. We learned that if you don't have good sportsmanship, the Double B pretty much will never talk to you again. We learned that having fans is about as valuable to our team as a penny and a nickel... but we fans come anyway. We learned that the kids love to see their Daddy play more then just about anything, especially when he acknowledges their existence from the field. We learned that even if the Double B's team loses for the rest of it's mortal existence, we're still gonna go and love to watch him play. 'Cause he's our Daddy. And we love to see him happy.
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Jen said...

The labeled pictures are perhaps my most favorite part of this post. Dirt.

Tink said...

I love the labels too~ you're hilarious!

katie said...

I love the picture of you happily holing the sign, even though they lost! Too funny!! I also love the labels!

Paulette said...

I agree with everyone! The labels are cool! I wish I could do that too.:)
Sorry, Ben for the loss. I feel your pain...somewhat. But I've gotten pretty used to the idea. There's always next year, right?:) Hang in there!

Tara said...

Excellent post! I think you could scrap your own page about this one. You've practically got it made with all of those lables already!! Very cute. If your children didn't get dirty I think I would be concerned. That's they way they are meant to be. It fosters creativity!

Ducksoup said...

so funny. your words over the pictures totally crack me up. i love the dirt, plant, litter, one especially. you are too cute. thanks for teh smile. i love yah. and am grateful for your example of good sportsmanship. usually i go and i cheer like a wild woman and i get pretty into it and can't stand it when they lose. i think i want to be more like you from now on. what an example.

Tamari said...

The picture with you holding the sign makes me laugh real hard! I love the captions as well! :)