Saturday, September 12, 2009


Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and encouragement! This week has been long and hard, but we move forward as those who have no other choice are meant to do! My sweet Grandma's funeral was very nice and certainly I will remember the wonderful words said about her. My Dad spoke and did such a great job. I don't think I'm biased or anything -- he was the best!
This is my family.
I really, really love them a lot.

These are my parents grandchildren. Cute little beans, really.

This is Livi and her Daddy just sharing the love.
'Cause that's what families do.
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Tara said...

I love all of your pictures.

Tink said...

I like what you did with the pictures! Great job!
P.S. You look really good!

Tamari said...

Happy that everything went well. Love the pictures!! :)