Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Putting It Up Your Nose

This one time, a kid I knew stuck a crayon up his nose. He went to the same awesome babysitter, and he stuck a real life crayon stub up his nose. And it got stuck. He was kind of a cry-baby anyway. When we arrived at the doctor (I think I went to the doctor, but maybe the retelling has just amplified in my mind. I'll let you know in the next life.) -- well, when he went to the doctor and I might have gone, I think I went, but I don't really know -- anyhow, he told the Doc that he didn't put the crayon up his nose, he just laid it next to his cheek and it crawled up his nose. So not only was he a cry-baby, he was a most creative liar. I didn't really love the kid, and I didn't really give as much love as I could have that day, but I love this story. This is one of the favorite actual real life stories in my arsenal.

Which brings us to the flu-prevention adventures of today. The troop and I went the twenty miles to the big city to have lunch with Grandma and also so Mommy (sneaky little devil) could herd her children to the pediatrician for FLU VACCINATION. 'Cause I do it every year -- I truly don't love the flu -- but I read this one article on about how you can get BOTH flu's at once and it's dangerous. So my already firm resolve was doubled. Kaje cried his eyes out when we made the turn into the hospital, 'cause he has a real problem with shots. Imagine that! Liv kept patting his arm "Don't a cry Kaje, don't a cry." Happily for him, when we went up they had the flu spray, and that is what we did! He actually wiped his forehead in relief. But when it came time to do the dirty deed -- to actually put the small apparatus into the nasal cavity just a teeny tiny bit and spray -- he came apart. The nurse was very kind, promised him on her honor that it wouldn't hurt and even told him of the alternative -- lots of shots to get better. Logically, he agreed with her. Emotionally, well... all I can say is, he is a true member of the maternal side of my family. A little bit of a spaz. But super awesome. Emotionally, he did not agree. I told him it was the shot or the spray. He told me (trying to crawl onto my head) that it was neither. We finally restrained him (oh, how ethical medical treatment can be!) and he had the spray. Then he laughed hysterically, 'cause it tickled. Some dripped out, so he asked for another spray, and then cheer leaded Liv through her own smaller ordeal.We saluted the nurse, and he skipped right out of that office, so excited to come back in thirty days for the booster and get a prize out of the toy box. And then a prize from Target.

'Cause Mommy is a push-over.

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just curious. why the change? I'll change mine link to you just the same cause I love to read your posts I don't care where they are as long as I can find them!!