Saturday, September 5, 2009

Really Special

Today was the annual Peach Days celebration here in our adorable little town. It was really fun, minus the part where Madame Olivia had to be held by her biological mother (oh wait, that's me) the entire time, and still fussed like... well, like herself. That was really special.

Oh yeah, and the time when I brought her home for a nap, got her to sleep and then fell asleep myself. When my parents brought K.J. back home, I woke up and came into the front room, and my little two year old daughter walked in from OUTSIDE. My mother, bless her, informed me that my little daughter was up the street, and came running back down when they drove up. Somehow, she woke up, put on a princess dress, opened the front door (which I had no idea she knew how to do), and headed up the street looking for some fun. This unfortunate information really freaked me out. So I had to say a little/big prayer to thank my Father in Heaven for protecting my rambunctious and crazy child! And I will be driving to my local Wally's World for door handle locks immediately. So that was really special, too.
P.S. Please don't report me to child protective services.

The most special moment of them all, though, came during the parade this morning. There were like ... sixty entries in the parade or something! Woot! Anyhow, there was a float/trailer thing full of "mountain men," shooting their blanks into the air with glee. They always look so happy to be mountain men going down a parade route, with their squaws in long pigtail braids and everything. These mountain men look like the real deal -- possibly smelly and possibly living off raw meat. And bearded. Very, very bearded. As they passed Olivia suddenly perked right up on my lap and squealed "JESUS!!!" And pointed to the bearded mountain men. It. was. hilarious. And so incredibly sweet. And then again: "Jesus! Jesus!" Pointing her little finger for all she was worth. Trina and I were enjoying this to say the least, when she leaned clear back against me and sighed happily before announcing "Mom, Jesus loves me so much."

Irresistible. That is all I can say. Irresistible.


Tink said...

Olivia was adorable when she "saw Jesus!" It was very sweet!

Kamille said...

It's possible that Jesus will come back like that. On a parade float. Being happy and toting a gun. Maybe not, but anything is possible when you are two.

Tara said...

great stories. maybe she really did see Jesus through them and we just think they are kids being silly. it's great as a parent to know that your child knows that Jesus loves her.

Ducksoup said...

this story was so funny to me. only because olivia is okay of course. i can't believe she took off like that. so scary. i'm glad your parents came back and rescued her. and that picture of olivia is just so cute!

katie said...

I love this story!! Your blog makes me smile!!