Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Actually Happened

So last night my dear sister-in-law and I were in the parking lot of our local grocery store. That is where we park our car in the semi-darkness, stretch out, and begin our run -- thus forcing us to finish our run so that we have a way to get back home. Smart, aye?
Why do we run? 'Cause we hate it. Really, really dislike it. And it will help our self-image.
So we run. We are champions.
Anyhow. We were in our dark corner, stretching our muscles, minding our own business. Chatting away, we didn't really notice the large semi trailer parked next to our vehicle. La, la, la, we talked about our hatred of running, what her little sisters are up to, and upcoming visits when...
The loudest noise you can possibly imagine about sends us out of our skins! I don't know how to explain the noise. It was weird. It was scary. And then. The parked semi trailer STARTS UP! With no truck to pull it! It just starts up! And I swear, it was sounding like it was getting ready to drive... right. over. us. I grabbed Trina and started to run. She wanted to run, but I could tell she was torn between saving herself and saving her new van. I thought I was going to have to throw her over my back and run her to safety in Mexico or something. Somewhere semi trailers that come alive couldn't find us. I am pretty sure my spirit left my body for a few moments.
And then... it occurred to both of us at about the same time that it was a refrigerated trailer, and just turned on to keep it's food cool.
Scared the humminah out of me. In fact, I happen to know that I lost control over everything, because Trina and I then spent the next few minutes in hysterical giggles, laughing over the fact that it had happened. And she mocked the expression of my face -- in fact, I would go so far as to say the expression brought her glee. And I know it was weird. 'Cause I had absolutely no control over it, so I have absolutely no idea what it did. And then we had to go into the store, laughing hysterically, to use the bathrooms. Because all the stored up pee in my body made a mad dash to my bladder when I thought I was going to be run over by a possessed semi trailer.
I'm just super happy it didn't end up in a puddle around my feet.
The End.


elise said...

Well, it's no fly in your eye, but still scary. :) Leaving your car in a parking lot to go running is a good idea. (I would totally find a loophole, though. Like hitchhiking.)

katie said...

Hilarious!! I love those moments in life! They keep life exciting!

Jen said...

Your bladderal control in this instance was remarkable!

Tara said...

I love you Marie. You have the greatest experiences ever and are so great at telling about them. I wish I could have been there. I would run with you if I lived closer. I'm glad you and your car are safe and that there weren't any puddles near you. :)

Cory Reese said...

I sometimes use the "Imagine You're Being Chased By Angry Hornets" scheme to make myself run. Your plan sounds much more reliable.

Tink said...

The expression on your face DID IN FACT BRING ME GLEE!!!!! I took a picture in my mind and I wish you could see it! That was one of the oddest, funniest things EVER! I'm glad we did our run! I'm more glad that your shoes weren't sloshing the whole time!!!! :0

Paulette said...

Ha ha!! Wish I could have been there to see that!!