Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Affair To Remember

I have been set up.

First off, I want you all to know I considered writing my last will and testament today due to a stomache virus that threatened to be my final curtain. I haven't really left my bed much. I demanded a lot of sympathy from the Double B, which he kindly gave. And I'm now starting to feel better.

So I pulled out my copy of 'An Affair To Remember,' which was one of me and my Granny's favorite movies to watch when I was a kid -- the two of us were good at bonding over AMC and other classic movie channels. I haven't watched it in a long time 'cause why pour salt in a wound? But I was feeling good tonight, like I wanted to watch it, 'cause it's a great show and I'll feel happy. However. I forgot about the Grandma in it. And when she cries hugging that hottie Cary Grant, the boat whistle blaring in the back ground, I. just. lost. it. I mean, shaking the bed Grandma sobs. So I was forced to go find my honey for a hug. He kindly gave me one. And then I realized.

My Grandma set me up! Maybe not on purpose. But maybe on purpose. She made me love that show that has the Grandma in it! And that was not a nice thing to do. So this one is for you, Granny. I know you love it when I have a good cry over you. The two of us always loved nothing more then evidence of being loved.

I'm going to go finish 'An Affair To Remember." And I'm gonna enjoy it. Have a good night. Over and out.


Kamille said...

How is it that you can blog in the midst of the diabolical stomach flu and the booger-crying from "An Affair"? You, my friend, possess talents that kings and rulers only dream of.

Ducksoup said...

i don't ever remember watching this movie at grandma's. i was probably fast asleep??? i am so sorry to hear you are sick. so not fun. i hope you are feeling like a million bucks today. love you!

Tink said...

I hope you feel better and I hope you finished your movie and enjoyed the end of it!